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@Brock we chatted about it earlier today but dude. again. holy cow. you absolutely killed them in all the best ways. I feel like this is what happens to "WorkWear" when you actually wear it for work. Nicely done.  8)

amazing collection  8)


Want to Buy / WTB PIH5DCT Tag size 32 Brand New with Tags
« on: May 20, 2020, 06:55:05 pm »
Hello eveyrone. I know this is a LOOOOONG shot but i'm searching for a pair of the legendary PIH5DCT in a tag size 32. They must be Brand New with tags. Tried on is fine but they cannot show any wear.

I am competing in the second annual Indigo Invitational and i would LOVE to get a chance to showcase this amazing denim in this year long contest.. I competed this year in the 555xhsib and i loved the XHS experience.

I am willing to pay top dollar, even over retail...

Another option could be this:

A trade,

I currently have a pair of the PIH5DCT that is literally next to new but the rules of the competition state that "all denim must be in New Condition with tags in order to be eligible.." 

So what i'm saying is there is a potential to basically swap pairs, meaning, if you have a brand new pair with tags i would be happy to trade you my virtually new pair and i would even add cash to the deal..  I've attached a few pictures of my pair so you can see the condition.

If there is anyone out there willing to sell, or consider a trade + cash PLEASE let me know. The competition starts October 1st 2020.

Thank you.





These are amazing

Still have a brand new pair.

@Kasi I CANNOT BELIEVE you still have a BRAND NEW pair of this Legendary Denim  ??? If you ever decide to sell them i'll give you $500 for them. Just throwing it out there  ;)

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 ???  Someone buy these!!! Incredible price  ???

hello! @phildots , yes @Palmer is correctomundo. There is a new international fade competition called the Indigo Invitational in which i am competing!  It originated through the "Raw Denim" Facebook Page, it's a 12 month any brand, any weight denim "fade comp". The denim must be new with tags and you must be able to prove they are unworn accept to try on the jeans. This year's comp will conclude on June 1st. The second annual Indigo Invitational will begin October 1st 2020.. There is a good chance the rules will change as it has grown immensely with loads of global interest from denim heads and sponsors alike.  If you are interested in joining please join the Face Book Group simply called "Indigo Invitational". You will be able to see all the numerous fade updates from the last 11 months as well as all the excitement for the next one! It's become a wonderful community, full of like minded individuals enjoying the beauty of Denim!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or anyone in the group. I hope to see you in next year's battle!!


DUDES!!!! @Oaktavia @twin @Lowlander @f12 @Smiladon LOVING all the updates and the different results. the 555XHSib is truly a legendary pair of jeans. BRAVO Iron Heart. Bravo


@twin @Lowlander @f12 You guys! i love the look of your still dry Indigo x Black  ???. If i wasn't competing in the Indigo Invitational i think i would've opted to keep mine dry as well.. The beautiful dry/shiny look is unbeatable! keep us posted and i'd love to see a pair heavily worn and still dry.. I feel like @swiss-jeansfreak wanting to see "heaviest faded raw denim still dry 400 wear days later!!!"  Awesome job guys  8)

@Oaktavia i think your 555-01's look great. i bought my usual tag size (31) and they were comfy (not to tight, not to loose) out of the bag. I think there's just something very special about this flag ship 21oz denim.. I feel like you could were it super tight and let it loosen over time or you could wear it loose and easy. I think you're right in that sweet spot.

Here's a couple fit pics from shortly after i bought mine from Berkeley Supply Co. in Denver (Great dudes BTW)


"IMG_5338 2.jpg"

@Oaktavia "I just cracked a beer"  :D  Amazing.  I just did a 60 min in-home workout. it sucked.

It is pretty interesting to see what happens to the same denim but with different wear and wash regimens.. I really do think it just takes time to create those laser sharp high contrast fades..  Mine have been hot soaked 3 times and 2 of those times i used a mild detergent and a deck brush to gently clean them while soaking. they have yet to see the washing machine as my washer is a POS and i fear they would come out ruined..

I wish the Indigo Invitational was a 2 year comp like the DWC vs 1 year. After wearing my PBJ's for 12 month Blue Owl comp and then the IH-555XHSib it's clear that IH is meant to endure loads abuse over time. Hence their moniker "the stubborn crew" .. I think the results over a 2 year period would be incredible. Alas that's not case and October will bring an entirely new challenge. Have you set your sights on next years comp pair? I have no idea yet. i'm waiting to see what happens over the summer and hoping some interesting new denim comes along  8)

As for the 555-01, isn't it insane the night and day difference in the "out of the box" comfort between the 21oz denim and the 25oz XHS!!!??? it's like wearing sweatpants vs slipping into a nice pair of fire hoses.. i don't wear my 555-01's that often but damn if they aren't the most comfy jeans..

If you ever think about buying black jeans i CANNOT recommend the the 555-03 enough!! they are honestly my favorite pair of jeans i own hands down! there's something about the the cut and the double twisted weft yarn that causes them to fit like no other. SO F'N GOOD

anyway cheers! I gotta go. i'm gonna follow suit and enjoy a bottle of Chablis!


out walking the dog before the lockdown. it's been a little depressing getting up and getting dressed with nowhere to go lately.. i wonder if sitting on the couch for days on end will have any impact on denim evolution..



 End of the month / March update / 300 of 365 days for the Indigo Invitational / Approx 200 wears




@Oaktavia looking good my dude  8)

OH MY GOD  ???

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