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Hi Everyone
I just bought it a new 555-XHSib
Here my experience:
One year ago or so I bought it same model in size 34, painful break in but very confortable,  to my taste I prefer roomy jeans, I must reckon that this cut is beautiful also 777-XHS is fabulous too (in this case after wash one time cold water, special detergent no spin. Shrunk and the waist back to previous size but the rest no much.)

This are the pics of the 555 size 34 unwashed and unsoaked


and the new one size 36 (yep 2 size up but are different batches and different sizing) unwashed and unsoked


very confy by the way  my only problem with the size 34 is when I´m sit dow is really tight in the crotch and the tights, the knees are no problem at all.

Sorry the mess surrounding but it´s where I work  :'(

Pics! not the best sorry from 1 month ago
"IMG_3219 (2).jpg""IMG_3206 (2).jpg""IMG_3216 (2).jpg"

Hi Guys update after one year wearing 25 777. size 34/36 
My batch is different in size compared wiht the new one and the differrence is basically on the legs, the new batch seems a little bit more relaxed.

To my taste is perfect fit, skinny but not second skin.

My pair has one year of daily use, but my profession is mostly indoors and not physical, already washed 4 times: wash machine  wiht cold water, mild soap and spin 400, even though there was some shrink, but strech back almost to an original shape. (thru the knees are tight but strech back easily).

Really are comfortable pair of jeans, the indigo holds well. I like skinny fit and are perfect, similar to RT skinny fit (I own several of those).
Bottom line after a painful break in are the most loved and comfortable pair of jeans, even in warm weather. Yesterday in Barcelona 29º C. 1 more week and come back to Northampton. :'(


I try to upload some pics soon.

Hi here mi thoughts. I own both 777xhs and 555 xhs, I think the new measures of 777 give more room but the waist is more or less the same.
Personally a wear more the 777xhs and thinking about to buy a new pair but with these measurements now I prefer 555 xhs.
My 777 xhs is from the previous measurements size 34 (35.5 inchs waist) at the first try was a little bit tight but stretch enough and now are super comfortable. and fit really well
My regular size is around 36 inch and buy around that size depend on the stretch. ideal 36,5 inch but my waist is 37.5 inch
If I remember correctly  I posted some pics of the fit in this forum.



Hi!  Just arrived

My fit.


Hi everyone!!! Any advice for accommodation?
II coming from Northampton  ;)

Hi!!! My fit on 777 14 OD, SIZE 34, 1’84 AND 90 KG

My 777 25 Onz size 34  1, 84 cm and 90 kg "90B2F522-A68A-455C-A627-59E1EEC442B1.jpeg""7C4551CA-1591-4637-AC7C-5AA7456DE8E7.jpeg""35825016-518C-43C2-BB54-2A99D03D673E.jpeg"

My experience with IH777S-21. My first IH was a 555N W36 perfect fit for me, and after 1 1/2 years of use barely stretch half an inch  ;), then the last week I pull the trigger for a IH 777s 21 W 36
In the measurements table, both are real 36 inch, but I realize already that is more stretchy  IH 777S 21, than IH 555N, both are extremely comfortable, I quite happy, I always wear belt, but with the IH 555N (I do not need belt), but with the IH 777S 21 I think is necessary, otherwise everything is perfect, I can´t choose one I love both and form me is a perfect fit.
I own IH 777S14 OD, in size W 34 after measurements is 36 inch real in the waist.


This is my first post I’m Diego.
I bought a IH 777 14 od, size 34 just amazing jeans, this is my first jeans from the IH web, I really appreciate the communication regarding the size and questions about the jeans.
I  make my research previously and moreover I own IH 555 N in 36, but after compare sizes with  IH 555 and other brands, I decided to take in 34, good call by the way, anyway really good customer service.
Some pics sorry the quality, I was trying some super dry close, ant this fast shots.

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