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Bump! $370, just wanna move this ASAP. Cheapest Langlitz ever (and one of the nicer ones). Still interested in a trade.

Buying and Selling / Re: Aero Premiere highwayman fqhh
« on: May 16, 2020, 05:45:14 pm »
Beautiful jacket.

How the jacket fits me. I'm 185 cm (six feet), 85-ish kg (185 lbs).

Oh, and the price is of course negotiable. :)

I will happily trade for something fun. A good denim jacket or a leather jacket, a quality wallet, etc., doesn't matter. Something around the same quality that'll fit me better. Cheers.

Vintage, 1960's classic Langlitz Columbia heavy leather jacket, size 44-ish.

Crazy low price of $450 (shipping to anywhere EU included)!

Rarely ever seen in this tea-core, black leather. The over-dye fades to brown at the edges and the creases. Other than that, it's a straightforward (but stunning) Columbia.

Two side pockets, one lining pocket. Scovill main zipper, Talon for the pocket / sleeve zips.

The jacket is very heavy. Leather seems thicker than my LW. The tiny box it arrived in weighs 3 kg / 6.5 lbs.

Worn and used, the jacket is in a really good condition. Leather is perfect, the jacket is clean, no smells, etc. Two issues are...
➤Lining a bit frayed under the collar
➤Pull missing on one sleeve zipper (zipper still functions perfectly)
That's it. All else in a great shape. Perfectly wearable for another half a dozen decades.

• Chest width (front): 22.5" / 57 cm
• Shoulder width: 20" / 50 cm
• Back length: 25.5" / 65 cm
• Sleeve length: 23" / 58 cm

Sleeves seem short but due to wider shoulders and the way Langlitz shapes their jackets, they fit me just like 25" sleeves.  I mean, honestly, it's not a big deal but definitely not recommended for guys with longer arms.

I can wear the jacket but I just don't like the way it fits me in the body. If it was more fitted, I'd keep it.

The jacket is located in the European Union.

If you have ANY questions or need any more photos, measurements or general info, don't hesitate to write.

Thanks for looking!

Buying and Selling / Re: FS: Good Art Hwyld Frisco & Spanish Anchor
« on: May 05, 2020, 01:32:03 pm »
This is really, really nice. Wish I could wear necklaces.

Buying and Selling / Re: Heroes (Buying/ Selling/Trading)
« on: March 04, 2020, 12:33:27 am »
I need another Type III like I need a hole in the head but man, I just couldn't pass up the IH-533.

This was the first time that I bought anything from @Monitor , and was admittedly a bit shy about this big purchase because I hadn't seen him around the forums too much.  But while he doesn't have a lot of posts on the IHUK forums, he's an avid poster on the Fedora Lounge under the same username.

Anyhow, the jacket is amazing and my interactions with Monitor were equally amazing.  He shipped the jacket out very quickly, was extremely responsive to questions, and after the exchange was complete, we got to chatting about stupid expensive clothes and such.  Turns out he's a super cool guy.

I heartily recommend that you buy whatever he's selling, or chat him up, because he has fantastic taste and a wonderful attitude.

Thank you SO much for the compliments! I really appreciate it and am super happy you like the jacket. Though with the kind of jacket the 533 is, I don't think the transaction could've been negative no matter what. :)

Sugar Cane (Toyo Enterprises) x Indian Motorcycles heavy horsehide motorcycle leather jacket. Size 40.

Firm 850 GBP.

Mega Grail. Absolutely the most beautiful leather jacket I've seen or had. Crazy heavy. The jacket alone is around 3kg. More with all the attachments.

Unfortunately, I'm selling it because it's too small for me.

Very heavy & thick horsehide with a brown tea-core (similar look to CXL, only without pull-up effect and plastic-y overcoat)
Four pockets; Three outside pockets (all leather backed), one lining pocket
Zipper and tap closure sleeves
Sleeves are leather lined half the way up to the elbow
Full action back
Lining leather pads at the armpits
Talon zippers

Jacket comes with a rarely if ever seen super heavy original Indian belt and a massively thicc sheepskin collar.

Worn, no damage. Leather intact sans creases and some fading at the edges.
Two ball loop zipper pulls on pockets snapped. Original replacements readily available through eBay. Simple fix, just never got around to it.
No other issues.
Clean inside and out. Lining pristine. Leather is still stiff.

Tagged sz. 40. Fits athletic, V shaped cut. Waist is too narrow for me, hence this thread.
• P2P (underarm): 57 cm (58 stretched) / 22.5+"
• Waist width: 50 cm / 19.5"
• Shoulder width (measured back): 50-ish cm / 19.5"
• Sleeve length (measured around the curve): 68 cm / 27"
• Back length (w/o collar): 61 cm / 24"

I'm interested in a trade but it absolutely has to be something in a double rider / Perfecto style that equally rare & quality. Meaning RMC, Fine Creek, Lewis Leathers high-end Schott, Horsehide Vanson, etc. Nothing run off the mill.

That's that. Any questions at all, PM me right away.

Sold. Thank you everyone!

Getting quite a few inquiries about the discrepancies between the measurements I have provided vs. the size chart on IH's product page.

So, to remove any doubt...

Am open to offers! This is a hobby. Let's get someone else to enjoy this jacket.

Still not selling it for $250. Levi's sherpa is over a $100. This is literally 50 times the quality, fit and look. So... Yeah.

Any interest in the jacket in my ads.

Sorry, really. I'm only after cross zips. :)

Alright, getting a lot of lousy offers so looking to get something around $600. I'm not selling the jacket for $200, that's for sure. Trade offer still stands, of course and is preferred.

Replied, Bulatik85. :)

Got quite a few PM's asking if and by how much the jacket differs from the IH's size chart so here are the exact measurements, taken the Iron Heart way just now...

✪ P2P: 22.5" / 57 cm (though make sure to take an inch off that because of the thick sherpa lining)
✪ Waist: 20.5" / 53 cm (see above)
✪ Shoulders: Just under 19" / 48 cm
✪ Sleeve length: 26.5" / 67 cm (measured around the outer curve of the sleeve)
✪ Back length: 26" / 66 cm

Also, this jacket is quite heavy and beefy. It's a lifetime piece.

This is killing me but... Looking to sell or trade my IH-533 in a size XL.

The term grail gets thrown around a lot but I that it fully applies in this case.

IH's one and only attempt at this style. Apparently, the sizing was a fiasco and it's not happening ever again. Regardless, if you got one that fits... There's NOTHING out there that compares. It's the most beautiful denim jacket I have ever seen. Ever.

Why am I selling it? Too tight. Early autumn or late spring is the only time I can wear it but if I need to layer up, I can't button it up. But on these few days that the weather allows it, it's an absolute privilege to wear. Warm yet very breathable. Comfortable. Tough as nails. Beautiful... Perfect.

Of course, the 21oz is bulletproof and creases better than leather. Looks crazy gorgeous, too. I don't know if it makes sense, but the jacket looks like a CGI when worn. It is insanely nice.

I bought the recently released blanket lined Iron Heart Storm Rider and sent it back the next day. Not that the IH-101J-SR is bad just that next to this jacket... No comparison.

But I'm not a collector. Having a wardrobe full of stuff annoys me and if I can't wear something, it has to go. I know there's someone else out there who'll get more use of this jacket.

All the info is available at the IH Extinct page.

The jacket is in a mint condition. 9/10 if I were to grade it. Faint fades on the sleeve creases and here and there in general but that's about it. Denim is still stiff. Clean as the day it left IH's warehouse.

Note that the P2P on my jacket is 22.5".

As for the price... This jacket NEVER happens. Handful were made, people seem to keep theirs. I dunno. What's it worth to you? Make me a good offer and it's yours.

As for the trade... I won't ever top this with anything denim and I won't even try so I'm going in a different direction altogether. I love double rider motorcycle jackets. If you have something equally grail-ish in that style, let's talk.
But please, nothing run off the mill. I'm giving up a jacket that I truly love, one that might not appear in years to come. Or ever.

That's it. If you have any questions, shoot me a PM. The jacket is located in European Union. Shipping to US is $40.

Thank you!!

Stunning jacket. Schott premium stuff is absolutely unmatched.

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