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« on: June 14, 2019, 12:58:01 am »
@Kasi Beautiful collection! I’m looking to pick up my first GA ring next week at SENYC. Most likely the Club Ring (Medium). Thanks for sharing.

and one close up"D6464B21-3075-411F-B1DC-C74F03B3705A.jpeg"

@Graham @mpukas @Max Power Thanks for the nice comments! Glad I went with 33. Here is a couple pics of the jeans about 30 wears in, I’m going for 0 washes on this pair for as long as possible."0B57C412-D1CA-4FF0-8034-85783D8D78D3.jpeg""2A403BD9-C302-41DD-B662-B4C48B955AF4.jpeg"

Bottoms / Re: PIH5DCT - 25oz Indigo/Indigo Selvedge Denim Tapered Cut
« on: June 03, 2019, 10:42:43 pm »

Great fit! From one pale dude to another haha  ;D

@Filthy Beautiful pics! Keep them coming  ;).

Just finished a soak on mine, also in love.


@Jordanxbuffer Hey, just curious but where are you sending the pair in for a waist reduction? I unfortunately lost a lot of weight recently and have a pair of XHS I was considering sizing down as well.

@neph93 Thank you for the reply it's appreciated. The water in my apartment can only get so hot so I usually add a large pot of almost boiling water to the mix as well. I did not agitate much if at all. Also, you were spot on with the inseam measurement recommendation  ;).

@Paul9221 The input is appreciated, these are my favorite pants currently and I wanted to make sure I double checked before I made a mistake. Thanks!

I'm not super happy I'm looking at my third soak already but it's not easy keeping these clean with a 75lb slobber head English Bulldog. Received the pair exactly a month ago, about 25 wear days.

This is my first pair of XHS and I’ve done two hot soaks so far with my pair.

I’ve lost close to an inch of inseam, will the inseam length continue to shrink with another hot soak or should I switch to a cold soak next time to prevent further shrinkage?

Very impressed with this material, I love the electric blue fades and I’m excited to share some pics down the road.

@marlin Great fit! Such a bad ass shirt, you are going to love it.

Beautiful shirt, I’m a little in between sizes but I think the x-Large was the right choice.


A couple quick shots of this beautiful pair. I’m about a week into them, my third pair of 888’s.

Awesome! Thanks for the update!  ;D

Got my order in.

Thanks Neph, I forgot about that feature. It looks like XL was the right call for me.

I picked this beauty up tonight but I’m curious if I made a mistake. All of my IH shirting is Large, I bought an XL because I didn’t want it too short from the OD as a “jack shirt” should have I just stuck with Large?


Thank you for the input! I appreciate it.

P.S. I just did my first soak on my 888S-OD "2-3 weeks in", I'll try and share some fit pics tonight.


I'll 100% promise at least one pair if not two purchased if you do select the 888 as the cut for this beautiful fabric  8).

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