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I gave mine a cold soak in the bathtub, then put it in the washing machine on a 30C gentle cycle. No issues at all. And this denim air dries nice and crispy

Another stellar fit…
Saw that they still had these at Sacred Dog ----we still might need to make another visit eh?  ;)

Yes, we do

Great fit. Sad I missed out on these.
Thanks I almost missed out as well because I never believed that an XL would fit me, but in this cut, the XL is perfect and the 7.5oz. cotton combined with tubular construction without side seams adds an unmatched level of comfort.

Footwear / Re: WESCO
« on: Yesterday at 10:13:07 pm »
These showed up today :) :)

Looking forward to showing them off…

Exciting stuff

This shirt is the GOAT

Best t-shirt on the planet

Should’ve gotten that truck-driving license when I had the chance… got an MBA instead… I was right, Dad was wrong… What else is new?!?

I’m sure you all heard about the lawyer, who called the plumber, who billed the lawyer $350 for the hour. The lawyer told him, “Hey, I don’t charge that kind of money as a lawyer!” And the plumber said, “Yeah, I didn’t make that kind of money when I was a lawyer either!”

At any rate, I’m looking forward to the indigo-dyed UHF

…and is Ben wearing a sneak peek of an upcoming SS22 western shirt??

Beautiful design

This is awesome

In my opinion, what makes the IH Sneakers “Iron Heart” is that, as far as a pair of sneakers can be, they are nearly indestructible and more comfortable to wear than other brands of similar styles. The vulcanized rubber makes them more flexible and comfortable to wear than others, and the heavy denim construction means they last longer, with more time to develops fades/patina… similar to a pair of Iron Heart jeans. When they get dirty, throw them in the wash, let ‘em air dry, and they’re good to go for another round of thrashing.

A pair of all white sneakers with some indigo crocking from my jeans looks great in my opinion

We can't decide if we should run the IHSN-01 in the 21oz white denim…

What do you guys think?

I love the idea But I need a size 12.5 or 13.

My indigo version are fantastic, but a little short for me. I would’ve already purchased the brown and black if there were a 12.5.

Short answer: white would be a great addition to the sneaker lineup

Missed my deliveries but have had a notification that these sat safely in my recycling bin. From amongst trash, to adorning trash, whilst being trashed

Wait… so someone muddled through your recycling bin, opened the package, and then through them back??

Been waiting for this one for about 6 months or so now. Finally a 4xl in stock. Instand cop and its on the way to me. Super exited. 19oz leftie is a favorite of mine.
You’re gonna love it

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