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Properly breaking mine in 4 wheeling in the desert!


Buying and Selling / Re: Shirts/Boots FS
« on: October 25, 2021, 04:59:11 pm »
Pictures of any of these items available upon request. 



Buying and Selling / Shirts/Boots FS
« on: October 25, 2021, 03:50:39 am »
Tried a lot of new stuff lately…some worked, some didn’t. My loss is your gain. Please PM or email at rich_felber at yahoo dot com if interested

IHSH-293-OD CPO shirt size XL: 18oz overdyed. Worn 3 times. Never washed or soaked. Has original Iron Heart tag. $375 shipped

IHSH-309-PUR shirt size XL: purple western UHF. Worn 2 times. Never washed or soaked. Has original Iron Heart tag. $315 shipped

IHM-29-KHA jacket size L: whipcord N-1 Deck Jacket. Worn maybe 6 times. Never washed or soaked. $475 plus shipping

Nudie Jeans Lean Dean Dry Japan Selvedge 34 X 34. Worn about 10 times, never washed or soaked. Very minimal signs of fades/wear. $175 shipped

Raleigh Denim Martin Fit 34 X 34. Washed once, almost no fading. $150 shipped.


Red Wing Heritage Moc Toe 875 size 12: worn maybe 5 times. Minor signs of wear but mostly new. No leather treatments applied yet. $250 shipped

Thanks guys! Looking forward to joining the fray.


Hello everyone….first time poster and first time Iron Heart owner. I feel like I picked a doozy for my first IH purchase and look forward to breaking this in. Definitely will not be my last. Curious what you all think about the fit, I went with the XL. I was a little afraid this was going to be too snug in the chest but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


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