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Buying and Selling / Unworn UHF IHSH-309-PUR for sale in a MEDIUM
« on: December 07, 2021, 03:37:55 pm »
Hey there,

Am selling my UHF IHSH-309-PUR western shirt in a medium. The shirt is completely unworn. I am selling it as I just can't get with the Aspero cotton that Iron Heart uses for these shirts. My previous posts will make that clear, I think! :( I so wanted to love it. I have kept it in a drawer (house is smoke free) and tried it on again yesterday and nope, it's not for me. But it might be for you!  :)

Am asking for £298 plus postage. I can ship overseas but you would be responsible for all taxes and duties etc. Postage cost will be calculated according to how you want it sent and where. Payment preferred via PayPal.

I have attached some photos. Happy to answer any questions of course!

Thank you,



Oh my! I wish I’d never said anything Although, for the record, I have the heavyweight flannels from UES and they are as soft as butter. And I have the IH Kersey shirts and the 14oz denim shirts and they are gorgeous too! Really lovely fabrics on all of those.

And that’s it. That’s all I’m ever going to say now on scratchiness or otherwise of any IH shirt!

Oh gosh. I didn't mean to cause offence to anyone by calling these shirts scratchy! If others who have them don't find them so then that's brilliant! I was just curious because I have never come across an item of clothing that is meant to be renowned for being super soft and yet seems so wildly different. That's all.

Of course, IH is not going to stop using Aspero cotton. I get that. Although Aspero is renowned for being a very dry cotton. Add some starchiness to that mix and you have, perhaps, the ingredients for what I call scratchy.

For what it's worth, I bought another UHF at the weekend and, despite it being pretty rough, it's nowhere near as bad as the purple.

So there we are. I'll just wear long-sleeved t-shirts!

But please, I meant to offence or to criticise! They are great shirts.

For those interested, i finally got around to putting a video together on this beauty.


Great video as always! And am glad I am not the only one who thinks these UHF shirts are scratchy! Not only do you but so does this style blogger: https://dieworkwear.com/2019/01/12/finding-the-perfect-flannel-shirt/. Who says, 'These flannels can be a little starchy at first, but they soften up wonderfully over time.'

I have washed mine in 30 degrees with vinegar and it's still like wearing a woollen blanket! A beautiful blanket but scratchy wool nevertheless. Maybe IH will use Pima cotton instead. That's from the Andes too - and is far softer! I doubt that's ever going to happen. But at least I am not alone in finding the UHF's scratchy! I just hope that they do soften up wonderfully  :)

@momo73, the shirt looks amazing!!! What a brilliant fit...

Welcome @JP I am really sorry to hear that. I'll echo that my UHFs have always been notably soft. We will see tomorrow if that holds for this one. I am wondering if it is an allergy related to some of the processing of the shirt that may work itself out with some soaks and washes.

Under the Hail Mary category, since you mentioned the fit is borderline, this trick may give you more room while also softening the fabric (since that is what conditioner does to hair): https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/tiktok-laundry-hack-shrunk-clothes-36804302

This will be the only run of this fabric and shirts I think, though as we saw with the green tartan from this season that so closely resembles the IHSH-107 of the past, there could always be very similar future iterations of this UHF.
Thank you for the link. And for this. Actually, thank you to everyone who has replied. You guys have been really kind and I really appreciate it

@JP Let us know what you figure out.  I don't know if allergies would play a part (especially if they are not active right now), but I was grasping at straws. 

I am sensitive to wool (if my skin is irritated beforehand (allergies), the wool almost becomes unbearable), but I can normally counter it by layering with a long sleeve t-shirt. 

Wish you the best!
Thank you. Am going to try again tonight with another long sleeve t. If I take the shirt back, I’m never going to get another opportunity to get one! I think there’s only one run?

I share your pain when it comes to wool!

Wow, I’m so sorry that uhf doesn’t feel soft to you. I can’t imagine. As for the fit, be very careful washing as it does shrink. I might exchange for a size up to be safe.

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Oh wow. Do you know how much shrinkage is typical? There are so many conflicting accounts! And it’s difficult because they’re expensive shirts right! The thing is a large is very large on me but if a large shrinks to a medium then it’d be perfect! Oh it’s all quite complicated isn’t it!

In my time on the forum, this is a first...

I have quite a few flannels and none of mine are scratchy.  Do you have seasonal allergies or any allergies that would cause a contact dermatitis like reaction?
I suffer from hay fever and rosacea at times but not badly.  The UHF I have is quite stiff. Almost as though it’s been starched. Was wondering if that’s how they all come at first. Maybe it’s just me!

Just curious,are you wearing anything underneath the shirt?

I have tried with short and long-sleeved t-shirts. I couldn't wear it without anything - it would feel as though I am wearing a woollen hair shirt! Even with the long-sleeved t, I can still feel the scratchiness. It's very strange. I have both versions of the Kersey shirt and I thought those would be scratchy as hell but they're not! They are gorgeous!


This is my first post here! Am very glad to have joined as I have loved IH shirts for a long time and have browsed the forum for aeons. I am lucky enough to have the IHSH-208-IND, the IHSH-33B and the IHSH-288-IND.

Anyway, it's actually the UHF flannel purple shirt that I wanted to ask for some help with. I was fortunate enough to nab myself a medium and it's a gorgeous colour. A little snug (which worries me a little as I have heard that they shrink) but what really worries me is how itchy and scratchy I find the cotton. For me, it feels like a Brillo pad. This really surprised me, as I have read that they are legendary for being incredibly soft. So I looked up Aspero cotton and it's meant to be quite a rough cotton?  I'm kinda grasping at cotton straws here perhaps...

My question is, will the shirt really soften up after a cold wash? And am I the only one who finds the cotton really scratchy at first? I suspect I might be. But I have to ask, as the shirt is beautiful and I'd hate to return it if it will soften up.

Thanks for any help, and I hope to be able to contribute positively here in the future.



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