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Excellent shot. Perfect place for a cigar. Who did you pay to tidy the leaves like that?

 @Aetas! Top pic is good. I always see those hickory pants and decide I must have them. Maybe the new printer pants fit the bill?

99 looks great as always, but where (and perhaps «when») are you? This doesn’t look very «November».

Looks good @Wlemon !

+1 post soak fit pic is brilliant. Love the length and trim silhouette.

Marbling is hard to avoid and not necessarily an ugly issue anyway. Abrasion lines in unfortunate places can be worse. They all work themselves out with wear and tear anyway.

Hat and jacket are wonderful @JDelage

Two things, the black/beige 21oz denim is waiting to be made into something. That would be beautiful. If we want something hardy then alpaca lined with matching collar like the N-1’s would be a good call. Secondly, if we want really hardy (and non-fading) then a black whipcord type III utilising all the specs of the N-1 (including the windproof layer) would be pretty spectacular.

Other Brands and Shops / Re: Good Art Hollywood
« on: Today at 04:13:08 am »
That is great. The Clips really are something else.



Damn that shirt looks good on you.

Off out for lutefisk tonight with Hot Ingrid. Apart from the craziness of eating dried cod that has been preserved in caustic soda (strictly speaking lye), and paying about £70 per kilo for it, it is also socially approved to pair the dish with hard liquor. I’m excited. Pics to follow.

Jackets / Re: IHM-31-NAV - Whipcord Pea Coat - Navy
« on: Yesterday at 02:36:52 pm »
These are sweet. Turned out very nicely with the grey wool mix.

Have you picked one up?

Geogeaphy plays a role in scheduling so there will be some American legs before it comes back to Europe. Seasons will play a role too as the Germans had it through some pretty warm weather last time around. Watch this space though.

Shirting / Re: IHSH-234-CAM - Kersey Western Shirt - Camel
« on: Yesterday at 02:18:06 pm »
First IH purchase of mine.  I actually signed up for the forum just for this shirt.

I'm not quite sure on the fit, though.  Any thoughts?  I have a 41 inch chest; wish I had a bit more in the p2p.

To my eyes, it looks a little trim over the chest and shoulders and borderline short in length too. The material may loosen up a bit and you could wear it with nothing under (or just an a-shirt) and it may work out.

Can one join the world tour?

One can! DK’s leg marks the end of the first go around. In a week or so I’ll make a new schedule and put you on it. You’re in the UK?

What Are You Wearing Today (WAYWT) / Re: 2019 Edition - Iron Heart WAYWT
« on: November 15, 2019, 09:34:35 pm »
Where've you been..... :D

Hachioji for example  8)
Growing his hair. Nice to see you again.

But do it in SBG right?

Bottoms / IH-634SII - 18oz Indigo/Indigo Straight Cut Jean
« on: November 15, 2019, 07:11:53 pm »
They are beauties. Shame they didn’t get entered. I’m of the opinion that the double indigo denim is amongst the nicest H has designed.

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