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May I ask you which size you wear in these, Max Power? I'm pending between 44 (XXL) and 46 (XXXL) and wanted to grab the bigger one.

XL would be my size.

Thank you. My usual (non-IH) size is XL but comparing the measurements of my Lee Rider and the Lefty Trucker I'll choose the 46 when it's available again.

May I ask you which size you wear in these, Max Power? I'm pending between 44 (XXL) and 46 (XXXL) and wanted to grab the bigger one.

Sport / Re: Football (Soccer)
« on: March 19, 2015, 12:14:14 pm »
Teams I don't support at all are Dortmund and Barca. I'll be happy if any other team wins the trophy except these two. Seems like Pellegrini will be sacked for sure btw.

Sport / Re: Football (Soccer)
« on: March 18, 2015, 10:46:30 pm »
Dortmund didn't even have a chance...

Who might win the CL this year? Very hard to say... no team is outstanding.

What a coincidence, I just read your interview on the SaintKeat travel blog from 2012, where you mention that, Giles. It was very interesting and I definitely recommend to read it.

this is a very nice forum and I wanted to introduce myself. I've known this forum for almost a year and visited it regularly before deciding to join. I already have some experience with the great IH-jeans (555-01 & 666S) :). Cheers!

the 555 looks best to me out of those.

While I partially agree, it has a TON of fabric in the butt and makes hilarious noise when I walk. They also tend to fall off my waist constantly, unless my belt is uncomfortably tight.

I don't think you have a weird body type at all, the 777 looks best on you and I wouldn't recommend to taper it. The 555 has a too high rise and too slim legs in relation. I've also experienced much noise while wearing these and hated the diaper butt.

The IH-633S sounds interesting but I'd have to add another ~ 150 USD for customs (= 500 USD for a pair!). The hem looks quiete similiar to the 777 in the same size though. Only the thigh is way bigger.

Do you have any pics / measurements? Thanks!

Thank you very much for your summary. It's very interesting to see your experience since I have the same ''problems'' with my jawnz. With a bigger waist (~38,5) and bigger thighs, long inseam (L34), but slightly smaller calves I prefer a hem of 8 inches for a fitted look. This combination is a tad hard to find on IH. My 2 favorites now are the W38 666S (I love the 18 oz denim) and the W38 777 and I think I might go with the new 777 because the 21-oz-denim is superb in comfort. When choosing other brands / models you can possibly try the Lee 101 Z and Edwin 55, they do have a comfortable top-block and a slight taper for a great look for bigger guys (but I don't think anyone would go back to other brands when they've tried Iron Heart once :).

I'd love to see a IHSH-33 onewashed-shirt with short sleeves (maybe with lighter fabric) for the warm days and a heavy knit turtleneck pullover (wool and / or cotton) for the winter days of the year. Sorry if it's already been requested. Cheers.

Shirting / Re: IHSH-33 - 12oz Selvedge Denim Western Shirt - One Wash
« on: March 16, 2015, 02:06:59 pm »
Has anyone experience with shrinkage on size 46 (XXXL) and can provide measurements? That'd be great (just like a restock in the future :).

Early May I am afraid......

This is some good news, thank you, Giles. The trigger will be pulled then.

I am really hoping for a restock soon: the weather is getting better and I fell in love with this jacket.

I received my 777's today and can't be happier with the top block and thighs. I've struggled with sz 38 555's (good leg, huge top block, too high rise for my gut) and sz 36 666's (huge legs, tiny top block, good rise). These 777's are the closest I've gotten to perfect, but I agree that the hem opening could be slightly smaller.

As a bigger guy with a short inseam (sz 36/38, 30" inseam), it's really hard to find pair of pants that fit. Most size 38 pants are made for a longer inseam, so after I hem them they end up with an absolutely enormous hem opening.

Hello there,
I am amazed because I experienced nearly the same with my IH-555-01 (W38), which were way too big after some wear and with my IH-666S (W36), I can't even put on after a soak. Can you please tell us which size you went in the 777 (36 or 38)? I am pending between 36 and 38 but am afraid of the amount the waist might stretch on the bigger one. Thanks.

[First post btw, very nice forum to visit, I've been stalking it for months :) before deciding to join...]

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