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Based in Bangkok currently, originally from London.  Moving back to England in March.  I hope its not too cold...

Bottoms / Re: 1955S - 21oz Selvedge Indigo '55 Cut
« on: February 05, 2016, 09:15:13 am »
Nope you're stuck with the 1955S or the 1955UHR....Waist on the S will easily stretch an inch...

A reply from the owner in 3 minutes of my first post, that has to be some kind of record :D

Thanks for the info, Giles. Might go back into the store and try the same pair on again tomorrow, see how they feel around the waist when sitting down and whatnot. So are their any similar tapered jeans you sell you'd recommend I try, considering the big thighs/ass?

Just out of curiosity... you don't think their would be a market for a pair of these jeans without the high front rise? I see you said they don't sell well enough to be considered manufacturing from 25oz fabric... maybe if the front rise was an inch, or inch and a half, lower the same cut would be a more attractive proposition? That's not in any way a criticism, just a thought.

Keep up the good work, mate.


Bottoms / Re: 1955S - 21oz Selvedge Indigo '55 Cut
« on: February 05, 2016, 07:59:20 am »
Hi guys, first post here...

I've been wanting to get a 'better' pair of jeans for some time.  Regular jeans last me just a couple of months before I blow out the crotch.  The rear rise is never sufficient, and the forces at play on that area of the jeans are apparently significant- the light weight denim is stretched to breaking point on the rear seam, then blows out.  Some research into top quality jeans led me here!

Luckily for me I live 10 minutes from a shop stocking Iron Heart jeans... hooray!

So I tried on a few pairs but my manly thighs and ass (6'1, 225lbs, short legs, weightlifter) meant this was the only pair they had that fit me and my muscular ass the way that I had hoped.  The 36/36 looked smashing rolled up a couple of times at the cuff.  But around the waist it did however take every ounce of my strength to do them up- I'm not carrying much of a paunch at all, I just have a large torso and wide hips.

Comments here suggest the waist will stretch out an inch with time, which is nice, and I won't be getting any fatter... but my question is, are there any other Iron Heart jeans with this wonderful fit (the room for the ass, the thighs, the great taper, the colour etc), but a more normal front rise?  I wear all bottoms just above the hips, and I'm not sure I can adapt to such a high front rise.  They'd be in my possession now despite the tightness of the waist if it wasn't for the hight of the front rise, which with my butt filling out the rear so nicely looks disproportionately high.

So, any alternatives with this fit, minus the super high front rise? Or any chance of this fit being sold with a more regular front rise?  Or do we all think I'll just get used to it? 

By the way, congrats on the build quality and feel and look of all these jeans! Brilliant. A class apart even from other expensive jeans I have worn. And great to have a forum to discuss them too!

Many thanks, -Rick

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