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Going, Going, Gone.... / For Sale or Trade - IH-634S-B, W34/L36
« on: April 23, 2018, 06:02:16 pm »
I just got the 666 od's and can see me using them more, so I'm selling this to fund more frivolous IH purchases.

In very good condition, as not worn much at all, with no holes or tears, just the odd mark that's only visible depending on the light.  There are folds at the hem where I double-cuffed them to 31", but these should disappear with washing or more cuffing.

I'm asking £135 delivered to the UK and EU, and £145 delivered to the US, both prices paypal F+F or plus 3%.

Waist: 35.2"
Front Rise: 11.1"
Back Rise: 15.5"
Thigh: 13.0"
Knee: 9.4"
Hem: 8.9"
Inseam: 36.0"






I had these made about 3 years ago but haven't worn them more than 15-20 times, and not at all in the last year or so.  I found them to be slightly tighter across the instep than my black US11 Boss and Jobmaster boots, maybe because the harness toe makes them a bit narrower, so wear the blacks more because of that.  And I have so many other boots that these just aren't in the rotation.  D width is standard, not wide or narrow.

They're technically a Boss boot with the Harness toe, made in the standard burgundy domain (or whatever) leather.  This leather is I think 5mm as opposed to the 7mm of the standard black, but it's not noticeable in real life.  They have the Vibram 430 sole, so a small rubber grip which I much prefer to leather.

They have quite a few scuff marks which add to the character, and there's a bigger scrape of about an inch square on the right heel where I caught it on a step, but this has been covered in oxblood polish.  It's hard to see because of the reflection.  There's also some wrinkling over the instep.  They didn't come with a removable insole, so none is included.

Price £230 delivered to the UK, £240 delivered to the EU, but please either add 4% for paypal or pay F&F.  You could pay bank transfer if you want to save the fee.







Going, Going, Gone.... / IHV-09 Wool/Cotton Beach Vest, Large -£100 UK
« on: December 10, 2017, 02:23:56 pm »
Although a great piece, this is my least worn item and needs to go to fund more good IH gear.  It's in very good condition, probably not have been worn more than 5 times, as I have another 5 IH vests that I wear regularly.

I'm asking £100 delivered Special Delivery to the UK or £110 parcel post to the EU.  Both prices to be Paypal Friends and Family or add 4%, please.

Dims - P2P, the vest way, 20.25"; back length from top of neck seam to hem 24".  I'd say it's good for a shirt L size wearer, not XL.


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