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FW18 - Jackets / Re: IHW-14 - Water Repellent Melton Wool Pea Coat
« on: April 16, 2018, 08:38:09 pm »
This is my favourite item for FW18.  Can’t wait. 

Brilliant!  Thanks for posting this.

I just received my first pair of 666’s (IH-666S-18) and noticed that the patch is sewn on all four sides.  None of my other jeans (634’s, 888’s) are like this.

Is this exclusive to this version of the 666 (666S) and is there a reason for it?

Talking about a knife fight.  Wow, that was a lot of traffic.  The site was very slow on my end.

IH-888-NT (~5 months)





@manufc10 Thank you.  I'm torn because all of my other jackets are XL, which I typically wear layers with.  I am trying to decide if I should go with the XL in this and not be able to fit layers or size up.

@Giles Could you wear a UHF comfortably underneath an XL?

General Chat / Re: Unpopular opinions
« on: April 03, 2018, 08:02:21 pm »
@neph93  @Chris

I think he's just mad about this weekend's photo adventures.  :D

 @Giles :D :D  Thank you for the laugh.

Can I be bumped to the front of the line if I give you a sob story about my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother wanting one of these jackets and that she has taken ill?

Thank you!  Credit card is armed and ready.

 ??? ??? ???  Wednesday??  As in the store on Wednesday?

General Chat / Re: Random Announcements
« on: April 01, 2018, 02:59:47 pm »
Sorry not lessened, but postponed the hangover for 24 hours.   ;D

General Chat / Re: Random Announcements
« on: April 01, 2018, 02:58:23 pm »
@Seul May I suggest a Bloody Mary with a beer chaser to start the day off.  It’s lessened my hangover before.

The Archives / Re: New Crew Member - Adam (yes another one)
« on: March 29, 2018, 01:01:13 am »
Welcome @AdamC

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