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So Lemmy, are you actually Italian or an expat living in Italy?  Personally I think an Italian beau on the Forum (especially a lazy, languid one) will add a new dimension...


Welcome! (Especially if you are a GANGSTER)

General Chat / Re: Grooming and Hygiene
« on: March 01, 2010, 08:39:24 pm »
My Dr Bronner's soaps and organic lotion arrived today - soaps (as yet unwrapped) smell delicious (one peppermint, one citrus orange).  Had to try the Patchouli and Lime lotion, the scent is definitely more patchouli than lime - reminiscent of the 70s (can any of you remember that far back?) - lovely texture.  So am looking forward to using... G will not be able to resist me... and vice versa....  ;)

Thank you for the recommendation! 

The Resource Centre / Re: Care For Your (Denim/ Wool/ Cotton)
« on: March 01, 2010, 08:32:16 pm »
Raise you one...

Interesting article about alcohol and burning calories, I really didn't know that.  Another calorie-burning effect of white wine for me is when I become increasingly animated and end up dancing around the room!  Glug, glug....

General Chat / Re: Grooming and Hygiene
« on: February 25, 2010, 06:43:27 pm »
Hee, hee - poor G, he'll probably throw me off the Forum soon!

Glad you're a fan of L'Occitane, I get some good deals at our local outlet store, will come stocked up when we next visit SF.

Just ordered some Dr Bronner soaps (citrus and peppermint) and body lotion (patchouli and lime - sounds gorgeous).  Must try to use more natural products.  These look super, thanks to you and Beatle for the double recommendation.

General Chat / Re: Grooming and Hygiene
« on: February 25, 2010, 06:22:23 pm »
Loving the photos, and video clip - thanks for giving us a really good laugh today!  ;D

G not big on cosmetics and toiletries, he likes good old soap and water, and quite frankly is so unappreciative of luxury grooming products that I get quite upset when I see him liberally using my precious L'Occitane or Aveda shampoo!

Shubha, no wonder your skin is so great, you are doing all the right things.  Sadly I'm nowhere near as healthy in my habits as you (blame G of course for being bad influence), and I do use lotions and potions and makeup to try to repair/cover up the damage.  I feel guilty buying expensive stuff, so my three sisters and I use Christmas and birthdays as opportunities to re-stock each other.  Family favourites are Clarins, Decleor, L'Occitane and Aveda.  I also love Origins ginger body and bath stuff.

Giles uses E45 cream on his face (but I think would be equally happy using lard).

If I'm buying for myself then Body Shop stuff tops the list.  Also we have L'Occitane and Molton Brown outlet stores nearby, so sometimes I treat myself to an expensive bargain!

Now I am on a mission to find some Dr Bronners soap to try.

Holiday treat - take L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil - it's lovely.

So there you go - I might not know anywhere near enough about denim (yet) but can wax lyrical about poncy potions!

Thank you all for your very warm welcomes!  I'm just trying to scheme another short skiing break with one of my sisters over Easter - trying to justify it to G by saying that I need to get more wear from my IH down jacket, it's just too warm for everyday use so I need to go to the snow...!  (Think he'll fall for it...?)

Shubs and Landocal - you are both too kind!  Yes, we will definitely get back to California this year - it's been too long.  Feels like you are family - Giles is thriving on your friendship, and I have been enjoying the IH Forum life vicariously so decided to throw myself into the mix - I think I could easily become addicted!  Look forward to seeing you in US or England, and will soon post some pics of our recent trip to South Africa (mainly photos of birds - sunbirds, sugarbirds, owls, and a few random critters like meercats), just hope I don't get thrown off Forum for going off topic... whew, there's a challenge...!  Night, night!

Lovely to meet you, too Shooba-Dooba!  What a hideous photo!  I'm probably not that much better in the flesh (but I hope slightly so).  G talks about you ALL the time, feel like I know you already.  So sorry about all the probs you had with  Eurostar on recent trip.  Hope to meet you in San Francisco soon or your next visit to Europe.  Thanks for being in touch and for being such an great and influential part of our lives!

Mmmm, choux pastry - you devil!  G is just cooking pasta and I'm drinking white wine (no calories in white wine, right?)  But seriously, next time I see Haraki-san I have to able to wear my super-black bootcuts they shortened for me in about 30 seconds flat in Japan... Ain't life tough sometimes when you have an efficient body (low metabolic rate)?  Great to meet you   :)

Iron Heart Meet Ups & Travel / Re: Visitors at Giles' Castle
« on: February 24, 2010, 08:45:08 pm »
We had a great time, and looking forward to when you come and visit!  Seriously, if any of you are in the UK do come and spend a couple of days, we love it - have spare bedrooms and G is great cook and you can visit Aladdin's Cave aka the stock room in the attic.  Feel like I know you already because G talks about each of you all of the time... my life would be SO DULL without you!

Hi all, as my husband spends most of his waking hours on the IH Forum, I thought I should join in the fun!  I'm Mrs Giles and just wish I was as tall and slim as Giles (which I'm definitely not) so that I could wear all this great stuff.  I do have couple of pairs of IH and couple of pairs of TFH, but challenged about getting into them at present.  Perhaps I should start new thread on "getting fit so jeans will fit".  Blaming G for being such a good cook.  Greetings to all Forum members and thanks for making our lives such fun!

Tell us all, What You've Got / Re: Iron Heart Roll Call
« on: October 09, 2009, 04:25:23 pm »
Just two pairs of IH jeans for me, including super-black bootleg from Haraki's store in Japan - visiting there last May was SO cool, can't wait to go back to see the new store they are opening.  Giles thinks I have no idea how many pairs of jeans he has stashed away in various locations around the house...  His collection of shirts and denim jackets is quite impressive too...   Mostly I am just envious because he looks great in all this stuff being so tall and thin, and I'm also jealous because he absolutely LOVES his job!

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