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Been meaning to ask this one for a while. This was the first IH shirt I bought all the way back in December of 2016 from the outlet, IHSH-85. I don't recall there being any mention of this on the product page but I was surprised to find that there was what appears to be a person's signature in Japanese underneath the words "Iron Heart" written in silver sharpie on the reverse of the right chest pocket. I suppose I've always just assumed that this is Haraki's signature, but can anyone here confirm or deny this? I suppose I've liked living with the mystery but now I'd really just like to lay my suspicions to rest.   :o


Perfect colorway on this one. Definitely a must-have, measurements permitting :P

Fall Winter 2019 / Re: Fall / Winter 2019 Look Book
« on: June 02, 2019, 04:46:14 am »
Always wondered if IH would do a duffle coat and there it is. New UHFs are looking fantastic to boot. This season will break my dry spell just for that mustard UHF alone. Please be generous with the sleeve length  ;).

Cool, thanks for the insight! I'm sure she'll learn to love them at any rate, as this will be her first pair of REAL denim. :P Just need to finalize the measurements.

I'm thinking about getting a pair of these for my fiancé. I showed her an assortment of the cuts/fabrics I have to get an idea of what she would like. She thought the 21oz and 18oz were too heavy, but she did like the 14oz. It's not looking like any of the current 14oz models will suit her measurements though so this seems like the best option. I don't have any experience with this fabric, does it tend to feel "lighter weight" or is it still quite burly?

Bottoms / Re: IH-717-BLK - Black 9oz Selvedge Mercerised Cotton Chinos
« on: February 05, 2019, 02:35:12 am »
I know the product page says no restocks, but any chance there might be a size 28 or 29 kicking around IH Japan? Or maybe another run at some point?

Bottoms / Re: IH-555-XHSib - 25oz Indigo/Black Selvedge Denim Super Slim
« on: January 16, 2019, 09:03:38 pm »
Any idea how many size 28 Mild Blend will be getting? Those went quick!

General Chat / Re: What's on your 2019 list?
« on: January 08, 2019, 05:25:59 pm »
I'm pretty much tapped out on IH purchases for the time being. Filled out the wardrobe nicely last year, very few pieces left that I *must* have. Temped by the IH-555-XHSib, only reservation is that it'll be a bit too similar to the PIH5DCS. Will have to see the final measurements to be swayed. Still eyeing the black B-2 jacket, will likely have to wait until next winter, assuming Self Edge has any left by then. Cutting back on the IH addiction is much needed to fund my primary goal for this year, which is to move out of state. I'm in Utah now, looking at western Montana. The Wasatch Front is getting too big for its britches.

Tell us all, What You've Got / Re: Costch
« on: December 28, 2018, 05:30:18 am »

Tell us all, What You've Got / Re: Costch
« on: December 27, 2018, 06:27:01 pm »

Tell us all, What You've Got / Costch
« on: December 27, 2018, 05:47:44 pm »
Items are listed from oldest to most recently acquired. First IH purchase was the IH-666S-BK in May of 2016.

IH-634-UHR - Indigo 21-23oz Raw Selvedge Straight Cut, size 30
PIH5DCS - Indigo/Indigo 25oz Selvedge Pronto Denim Slim Straight Cut, size 29
IH-888S-SB - Superblack Non-Fade 21oz Selvedge Denim Medium/High Rise Tapered Cut, size 29
PIHXHS - Indigo 25oz Selvedge Denim Pronto Super Slim Cut, size 29
IH-634S-18 - 18oz Vintage Selvedge Denim Straight Cut Jeans - Indigo, size 29

IH-101J-BLK - Superblack Non-Fade 21oz Selvedge Denim 1946 Type Rider’s Jacket - "The Riffblaster General", size M
IHJ-71 - Indigo 18oz Selvedge Denim Type ll Jacket, size M

IHSH-85 - Superblack 12oz Selvedge Denim Western, size S
IHSH-127-V2 - Purple with Black Ultra Heavy Flannel Buffalo Check Western, size M
IHSH-174-WH - White 7oz Selvedge Denim Short-Sleeved Western Shirt, size S
IHSH-179 - Red Check 6oz Flannel Single Yoke Western "Kanreki" Shirt - ONE WASHED, size M
IHSH-07 - Indigo Hickory Stripe Western Shirt, size M
IHSH-176 - Indigo 7oz Selvedge Denim Sawtooth Western Shirt, size M
IHSH-180 - Ultra Heavy Flannel Classic Check Western Shirt, size M
IHSH-181-GRN - Green/Black Ultra Heavy Flannel Glen Check Western Shirt, size L
IHSH-13-BLU - Blue 10oz Selvedge Chambray Single Yoke Western, size M
IHSH-188-GRY - Grey Cotton Herringbone Western Shirt, size L
IHSH-230-MUS - Ultra Heavy Flannel Classic Check Western Shirt - Mustard, size L
IHSH-261-BLK - Ultra Heavy Flannel Windowpane Check Western Shirt - Black, size L

Cut & Sewn:
IHG-051 - IH “Bell” Print Bandana, Red
IHG-080 - Black 100% Wool Ribbed Beanie
IHTL-1301 - Long Sleeved Thermal Crew Neck, Black, size M
IHTB-01 - 11oz Knitted Cotton Long Sleeved Sweater, White/Black, size M

So from what I've gleaned, the sizing on these will be consistent with other Moonstar sneakers, correct? I have a pair of Shoes Like Pottery slip-ons that fit well, just looking to confirm the sizing for these. Also, any update on the hi-tops?

My pair just arrived, fantastic pair of jeans. Definitely glad I went with the 29 instead of 30. They're a bit snug in the waist but after they stretch a little they'll be perfect. As I suspected, the slightly narrower waist definitely works with the higher rise. Was also a bit concerned how the thighs would look on my skinny frame but they look great, definitely have an Elvis drainpipe kind of vibe. I have the matching Riffblaster jacket, just gotta get a white/black IHTB-01 to complete the look.  8) "Elvis_Presley_promoting_Jailhouse_Rock.jpeg"

Thighs definitely aren't a limitation, I can generally go as low as about 10.5" in the thigh. Thighs on these are a bit larger than what I normally wear but I don't mind. Waist is more of a concern, usually get as close to 29" as I can in most denims so they'll stretch to about 30".

A thought occurs: Being that these are quite a bit higher rise than the 666s I usually wear (these are about 11.5”, 666 is usually about 10” for my size), would it be advisable to size down for the waist since they’ll be sitting higher up? Which for my waist is a bit narrower once I get over the hips. I love this fabric and I’d like to try this cut, still unsure if I should go for the 29 or 30 though. I see that a couple of posters have opted to size up which confounds me even further.   ???

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