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Sport / Re: Runners
« on: July 30, 2019, 06:06:37 pm »
@marlin @den1mhead thank you gents.
I finished in 44:20, taking 1.5 hours out of my time from last year. Unfortunately I did not meet my ultimate time goal of 40 hours, but I also holed up for three hours at one of the aid stations due to a massive thunderstorm above the next pass- I got stuck above tree line in lightning last year, and it was terrifying, not willing to repeat. So without that and moving a little more expeditiously through later aid stations (it is tempting to just sit there!), I think I definitely would’ve been under 40 hours.
I equally or bested nearly all of my eta’s, so much so that I almost missed my crew at one of the aids as they weren’t expecting me for 45 more minutes. Don’t know if I’ll go back or not. This one has a lot of pluses, but also some big minuses. Photo from the summit of Twin Peaks, mile 80ish...
Wearing IH bandannas, neck and wrist as snot/sweat wiper.

Sport / Re: Runners
« on: July 25, 2019, 04:29:45 am »
Heading out to Ouray tomorrow for another go at the Ouray 100. My finish time last year was just under 46 hours, hoping to go at least a few better than that.
If you have any interest in following along, please check out this link starting at 8 am MST on Friday:
This should put me, bib 65, atop others for your easy of viewing. Note I said should as the trackers didn’t always work so well last year...

Jackets / Re: IHM-19 - N1 Camouflage Deck Jacket
« on: July 24, 2019, 01:25:49 am »
@daltmeyer @neph93 @UnTucked thanks gents! It took me at least 6 hours, especially since I used the bar at first. I also started with my wife’s hairdryer (shhh!) and getting a heat gun made a huge difference. I wish I had taken more photos in progress, but didn’t want to also wax my phone... here are some photos after it sat for a day. I think the wax has a pleasant, woodsy smell.
Though it’s probably not traditional to these jackets, working on adding a little surprise...
Chose that one mainly for the snow capped mountains. I live in Colorado, and spend a lot of time adventuring out there. Plus polar bears are bad ass and penguins are cute. Sewing these on is a task that rivals waxing in amount of time taken!

Jackets / Re: IHM-19 - N1 Camouflage Deck Jacket
« on: July 23, 2019, 02:16:51 am »
I love this jacket. Since I wear it hiking and so forth, I decided some additional waterproofing was a good idea. So here’s a brief tutorial on how to wax this or any other Iron Heart N1 (or any jacket for that matter) using Otter Wax products.
You’ll need the following:
Jacket (duh). They do state anything that is more than 50% cotton is best.
Otter Wax bar (to get tough to reach areas).
Otter Wax fabric dressing (the tin you melt).
1.5 inch brush for application (or metric equivalent).
Pot, water, and stove or heating element to melt the wax.
Having something to help spread it is good. They make a wooden tool, or I picked up the Princeton Catalyst contour c-83 at my local art supply store. This one...
This helped a lot to spread the wax, has flat, and rounded edges, and that little point at the bottom helps get into seams.
A heat gun is the most essential thing. I picked up a cheap one at Lowe’s for 20some bucks. This is mandatory.
And a place to work. It’s helpful if you have quick access to whatever you’re using to melt the wax.
You can follow the manufacturers directions to melt the wax initially. It’ll take some time to do. You want to come check out completely melted and clear- if it looks cloudy at all, it’s not hot enough.
While that’s happening, you can get you work area set up, and start hitting up the harder to get places with the bar. Inside of the cuffs, areas around buttons, and the few strips of fabric on the inside edges of the jacket. Rub the shit out of it. Don’t be shy. You should see a color change, usually darker, and be able to see a layer of wax completely covering the fabric when you look at the area at an angle.
And now the wax is melted. It’s best to pick an area of the jacket to do at a time. Front right side, right sleeve, collar, upper back, lower back, left sleeve, left front side was how I worked. Dip the brush in the wax and apply to the jacket. They suggest pushing away from you, but I don’t think it makes much difference. This stuff is kinda gloppy and tends to harden quick, so it might go on unevenly. But we’ll take care of that! Once you get the section of the jacket you’re working on well covered, or if you notice the wax in the tin becoming opaque, return it to the heat source until it’s clear again.
Now the heat gun. Use the low setting and go over what you just applied. It doesn’t take much to get it liquid, and use caution so you don’t singe your jacket. You can control the heat easily by simply moving the gun farther away, or stop the heat by aiming in another direction. But be careful you’re not pointing it at something else!
You should see the wax absorb in. If there’s too much and it’s just pooling on the surface, use the spreader thing to move it around. Look for the color change in the fabric to know it’s saturated. If it looks spotty, you’ll need a little more in that area.
All you need to do is repeat until you’ve gone around the whole jacket. It’s probably going to take a few hours to do. You can also use your fingers to push wax under buttons, I found that particularly helpful.
When it’s all done, not a bad idea to go back over the entire jacket, area by area, with the heat gun again. This will just help get the surface nice and uniform.
Hang up in a warmish place overnight, and you’re good to go!
This photo is in process. I initially used the bar, but didn’t like how it covered, so decided to use the tin even though it’s harder to work with. The left sleeve has yet to be coated at all, the back of the jacket in the middle was gone over once with the bar, and the right sleeve has the tinned fabric dressing wax.
I’ll post a photo of the finished product soon!

Hobbies and Pastimes / Re: The Great Outdoors - Hiking and so on...
« on: July 21, 2019, 04:19:53 am »
The view on a recent trail run/hike as seen from Isolation Peak, 13,118 feet. From left to right- summit with grassy ramp to it is Mount Alice, 13,310- Chiefs Head Peak, 13,579- Longs Peak, 14,259- Mount Meeker, 13,911- all in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA. Lucky to have this playground in my backyard!

@Filthy I hope there is another one too. Two years is really an ideal time with plenty of potential wear days- a great way to see what becomes of a pair in that time. So who knows? I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Your theoretical pair sounds awesome- I seem to like darker denim, either black/black, black/indigo, or indigo/indigo. Though I thought it would be fun to wear a white pair for 2 years without washing. Guess that would be sort of a reverse fade in the end, with the denim gaining color instead of loosing it. @Fadez pair looks awesome, and is similarly interesting in my mind being overdyed to start.
I’ve tried the 888- think it’s not good for my body type. I have the 777UHR which have just a little more room in the thighs and crotch and are much more comfortable. Also like the 555 and 666.

@Filthy Thanks and good question. I too plan to focus attention elsewhere. The main issue for me (and why they haven’t gotten a lot more wear) is that this particular pair of 777 is a bit tight in certain regions. Not the most comfortable, probably not the best decision for a two year contest. I just didn’t have any other options at the moment, and was not able to afford anything else. I’d still wear them of course, really like the denim, but if I’m doing anything slightly athletic, I choose a different pair.

Day 300 for my IHxVS777S-21. With IHSH-197-LIN and IHSN-01 in black.

Accessories / Re: Guns.
« on: June 29, 2019, 10:57:47 pm »
@DougNg I might have to look into one of those.... the Blackhawk holster is solidly ok, however this is no padding between the gun and my chest and it definitely digs in and gets uncomfortable after awhile. Pretty floppy for running, so I’ve been using it for hiking only. Can open carry here, so that’s ok.
Adjustment is a pain, as you really need to take it completely off to change anything. I’m often wearing it with either a Salomon vest or UD backpack, so also the question of over or under. Not as much of an issue now, but most of the year I have to remove/add clothing, which can change how it sits, and then I need to ageist the fit.
So I guess I’m using it and it works, but not as intended. I’ll probably look for and OWB option for hiking, but also not a fan of wearing a belt! Gun itself is a lot of fun. Big booms- makes going back to a 9mm feel like a 22!
Here’s a photo with my 526jdd.

@twin @mikebarhoot both looking awesome!

Sport / Re: Runners
« on: June 16, 2019, 03:22:52 am »
@Brock looks beautiful! I agree on trails vs roads. Well, mostly.
Paced my friend Dan at the Bighorn 100 in Wyoming last night overnight for 12 hours and 35 miles. I have never seen or even imagined so much mud in my life. It was a nightmare!
Shoes and gaiters after.

@cander49 looking awesome!

@twin looks great! Though it’s 3 years old, I like your photo at Haycock. I used to go climbing there pretty frequently when I lived in Philly. Neat place!

My IHxVS777S-21 @ 284(ish) days:

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