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Thanks @neph93 IH did the hemming and I did the taper to my preference.

They’re great for work! The area the job site is in gets pretty rainy, windy and chilly (chilly for Hawaii - mid 50s/low 60s). It does a nice job of keeping me comfortable in those conditions. Love how the material feels sturdy. I’m notorious for brushing up against stuff but these haven’t gotten any rips or scars yet. Kinda wish they had more pockets like carpenter pants tho.

Yay happy I found this thread!

Wearing 777S-14. Sewed  my own taper on these babies. That way I could only be mad at myself if I messed up.

Patching drywall after electricians and plumbers in different apt. units today.


Ho braddah @Matty123 you know how fo’ grind, ah!!! Saimin is easy! You guys no more one Asian isle in the grocery store or one china town nearby?? Just get top ramen throw some sliced spam, egg and green onion inside. Or if you’re able to get char siu and fishcake then you can make it more local restaurant quality.

@matty123 You thinking of moving Kihei? That place reminds me of the mainland. Monkey pod is bomb tho! & yeah I am in construction. You in the trades, gc, or...?

Excited to see what kind of a beating these jeans can take!

@Matty123 Awesome, it must feel like coming home everytime you guys come back! Hope your future plans to move work out too, you’ll be on permanent vacation mode! Yeah Waikiki is interesting. Whether that’s good or bad it’s up to the individual. I personally don’t like going out there. I’m on the west side of Oahu.

Found Iron Heart while searching for Red Wing shoes on instagram 1 wk ago. Needed new work boots. Saw tons of hashtags on selvedge denim, googled it and came across different comments and threads. Quite a bit mentioned IH as quality stuff so came here and was surprised to find that IH had an active and very helpful forum. Bought jeans that night. Still in need of new work boots, guess they’re gonna have to wait as I’m planning on getting a few more pairs of IH’s.

Btw I’m female  ;). But no worries I don’t get offended easily. You can call me bruh, dude, whatever. Just wanted to make sure there was no confusion there.

Bottoms / Re: IH-777S-14 - Super Slim Tapered 14oz Indigo Selvedge
« on: March 03, 2018, 07:20:16 pm »
Thanks @den1mhead had no idea that this brand has been around that long (not implying anything  :-X). Good to see they’re still pretty popular and keeping their designs the same.

Thanks for the welcome @giles! I’m honored, you seem to be famous here :P

Thanks for the welcome guys!

Definitely interested in snagging a pair of 21 oz @neph93. Everyone’s been saying that it’s super soft and seems to be an all around fave. Can’t wait to get my hands, I mean legs in pair!

Sup @Matty123!!! Where you from? You and your wife visit often? You guys definitely chose great locations as rentals. I’m on Oahu, but due to work have travelled to the different islands. Frequented Kauai the most tho as the last company I was with was located there. It’s definitely my favorite island hands down!

Hi everyone!

Did some selvedge denim googling on Sunday to finally know what the heck the fuss is all about and found this brand and forum. Ended up buying my first pair of selvedge denim and IH was the brand I went with. I’m from Hawaii so got the lighter 14 oz. in the 777 cut.

Aloha everyone! I’m from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Bottoms / Re: IH-777S-14 - Super Slim Tapered 14oz Indigo Selvedge
« on: March 03, 2018, 04:37:13 am »
Thanks, Haddtoo!

Honestly, it was bc of the IH forum that I decided to go with this brand. All the info, pics, and feedback are so helpful. It got me excited about buying jeans and wanting to share that experience, lol.

Bottoms / Re: IH-777S-14 - Super Slim Tapered 14oz Indigo Selvedge
« on: March 03, 2018, 03:00:03 am »
As my first time delving into the selvedge denim world I got these 777-14 in a tagged size 28 with 27” hem (I’m hella short). This is also my first IH purchase. Customer service was absolutely great and very helpful in making sure I purchased the correct size. Definitely excited to grow my IH collection!



First impressions:

Sweet looking pair of jeans! I got a little worried as I put them on as I found it quite difficult to button them up, not bc they were super tight but bc the button holes were pretty stiff. The waist was a bit snug and felt stiff overall on the first initial wear. I decided to break these babies in at work today and spent about 12 hrs in them on a construction site. I ran up and down stairs, ladders, and squatted throughout the day. The waist definitely got more wiggle room now and the denim’s not squeezing my muffin top anymore. I was surprised to find that the pockets were tight! I thought my iPhone screen was going to crack and getting keys out of the front pocket was interesting. Never experienced tight pockets like these before. But I definitely do like the fact they’re deep and functional. I’m excited to see these jeans develop character and form to my body shape! I’m also planning on getting it tailored so I can get a slight taper on the knees to hem. Apparently , I’m so short the taper disappeared  :P

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