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Much appreciated @yannis and @Jcaz6996. Love the fades on left hand.

Thanks @AdamJ. Assuming the shop's banner image is of a faded pair, is there a link to other fade examples? My only experience of lefty is PBJ so would be good to see what IHs look like after some wear.

We hem the jeans to the models preferred length.....

Cheers Giles.

This might be a stupid question, but I can see the inseam's around 35-36 inches, but in the shop pics they look like they're hitting his shoes. Have them been hemmed or is he really tall? Or is they're just less length.

Cheers @Giles they look great. Now I've just got to decide between these or the IHSW-29 that I've just seen. Good dilemma to have.

So, any wear updates? Appreciate it hasn't been long, but looking at these as my next purchase as they'll probably last into early summer.

Cut & Sewn / Re: IHTL-1213 - Thermal Waffle Henley
« on: November 04, 2021, 07:11:10 pm »
Cheers @Giles. I'll probably just trim the loose bits and leave the rest of the run off.

Cut & Sewn / Re: IHTL-1213 - Thermal Waffle Henley
« on: November 02, 2021, 02:00:17 pm »
Got my first one of these last week. Tried it on and fits great. One question, are these loose threads a problem? I was going to just trim them, but thought I'd ask before I take off the labels etc.


Great, cheers @Giles @neph93.

Did someone say on here that this denim might not stretch as much as the OG 21oz Indigo? The IH-555S-21 are my only reference and I take a 33 in those. Even though I've lost weight over the Covid years, I'd probably stick to that if I bought another pair of IH-555S-21s now (assuming same measurements obviously).

That's great, cheers @Giles.

Thanks for your advice @yannis @BD81 @sabergirl. I tried it on again with a tee underneath and I'm going to keep it. Room to spare in the back and across the shoulders so I think I'll be ok. It's too nice to miss out on.

We are taking retailer orders for a new run now @Michael1984 , you should also be able to fill out the form now too. Restock in September approximately

Any update on a restock Alex? Looking to make these my next pair for the winter (or did the restock already happen?)

This really is a beautiful shirt - the purple and light blue are such a great combo. But, I've been going back and forth on the fit across the chest. It's ever so slightly snug under the armpits. Back looks fine which would suggest the fit is still good, but shrinkage could be a problem.

I'm not sure a size up is going to be a solution (if I can even source an XXL) so is there any chance this stretches? I appreciate I can take care washing it, but thought I'd ask about the likelihood of some given in the fabric.

Order in.

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