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I had to Klarna mine...wouldn't have worked otherwise.

@LewisStonehouse stoked you are looking to get a pair.

Love these shorts...would look great in turqouise too.

Sport / Re: American Football (NFL)
« on: January 17, 2022, 07:53:10 pm »
If your going to trash talk this is the place to do it. The Bengals win so infrequently it would be silly not to celebrate their fleeting success, as short lived as it may be.   :P

Haha, yeah - for whatever reason I picked the Bengals to follow when I started watching football 16 or so years ago so am quite aware of how hard they are to support..

Somehow it's much less annoying to have a Bengals fan overseas  :D but you can always convert to the Ravens flock.



Awesome dudes, thanks for the insight I appreciate it.

You bet! FWIW my first pair was a 13, but I thought they just felt a tad too big. I went down to a 12 because these were just stock boots — no 12.5 available. The length in the 12 felt fine but I was a little worried at first that I'd fucked up and was stuck with the tightness in the instep, but like I said, they've chilled out and are getting really comfy. I'm gonna try putting the insoles back in after a good while, so that should make em feel even better.

TLDR - I feel your pain and can def say rest easy knowing they get better!

Yes you described my worries exactly. Thanks for this, I feel hugely relieved and I think I'll skip the warm water idea in the video. I was willing to try it but filling my $755 boots with warm water made me nervous.

I've been wearing mine pretty much non stop since Monday. 7.5 hours of work as a teacher the past three days and at home until right before bedtime. Plan on to continue this for the time being. I might try to sell a pair or two of Iron Rangers now becaue I just don't think I'll wear them again at this point.

@popvulture okay wonderful, that is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Which is what I thought would be the case, just wanted a confirmation. I do not think they are the wrong size at all, just high instep slight discomfort. Thanks for the help!!

@mclaincausey I was also thinking this, since they have already stretched a bit in that one area. Loosening them up helped quite a bit too. If I go ahead and fill 'em with water I'll let you all know how it worked out.

But thanks for the insight. I don't have sores or even redness of any kind just a little pressure when wearing. I'm nit picky so anything that isn't perfect I try to resolve.

I’ve never had engineers, but I’l got quite a high instep and have always found with boots that they fit better after the first time I wear them out in torrential rain and get them properly wet, so I’d say give it a whirl

That's what I used to do with a new pair of Vans or something similar. Walking around in the rain would really help break them in. I know its apples to oranges but I'm willing to try this.


What are your thoughts on this process? He address the exact issue I am having with my boots...

matrix fades

This should be the way we reference XHS fades forever more. Inscribe it in the Sect’s book of law.


@tnjyoung @Oaktavia Thanks! :)

@Lowlander absolutely beautiful fades. I switched over to the 777 version and have some work to do! It's hard choosing between XHSbb and my PIH5DCT...I just love them all.

I hear you man! I have a bunch of pairs in rotation as well, which makes it hard to achieve good fades on any of them quickly. However, in the winter months I wear mostly these, which has been paying off.

It's nice to have differences in seasonal temps and humidity. That way, its XHS in winter and 21oz & lighter in summer. It's 3 winter jeans and 2 summer jeans for me. Woo!

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