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You are killing them @Oaktavia

You are a big inspiration dude


Five months

It really is such a relief...there were a few days when I was super worried they would not work for me. Wearing them today is better than ever and for the first time I would say comfortable. I think I will replace the insoles sooner than later.

Cool, cool. No rush from me...still have plenty of jeans to wear and not enough time for them.


@Oaktavia I had the 777 on the last batch, deffo 555 this time round!

I was also considering this...I have 555 in my 21oz and love 'em.

ETA is still far off, correct? As in after S/S 22? Just want to get my ducks in a row.

Guess at this point I just need to decide which fit to go with. Been thinking 634, but 888 is a maybe. Any idea yet which cut y'all are rolling out first? One at a time, or in groups?

I'm thinking 777 or 888 for me...

My boots have loosened up since last week. They do not push on my instep/top of foot like they were. I found thin dress socks worn the best with this issue too.

I had to Klarna mine...wouldn't have worked otherwise.

@LewisStonehouse stoked you are looking to get a pair.

Love these shorts...would look great in turqouise too.

Sport / Re: American Football (NFL)
« on: January 17, 2022, 07:53:10 pm »
If your going to trash talk this is the place to do it. The Bengals win so infrequently it would be silly not to celebrate their fleeting success, as short lived as it may be.   :P

Haha, yeah - for whatever reason I picked the Bengals to follow when I started watching football 16 or so years ago so am quite aware of how hard they are to support..

Somehow it's much less annoying to have a Bengals fan overseas  :D but you can always convert to the Ravens flock.



Awesome dudes, thanks for the insight I appreciate it.

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