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USA / Re: New York, NY (USA)
« on: August 21, 2019, 10:15:56 pm »
Luger’s is now booked!
I know it's a bit of a dredge, but any suggestions for places to eat and visit?

Trying to decide  between Keen's and Peter Luger for steak, etc etc

@David_pll ?

Lugers 100 percent. Keens is great but Lugers is a MUST. But bring cash because they only take cash or their own Peter Lugers Credit card.

USA / Re: New York, NY (USA)
« on: August 16, 2019, 11:15:46 am »
I know it's a bit of a dredge, but any suggestions for places to eat and visit?

Trying to decide  between Keen's and Peter Luger for steak, etc etc

@David_pll ?

Hobbies and Pastimes / Re: Iron Chef WAYCT - What Are You Cooking Today
« on: August 14, 2019, 12:14:08 pm »
My wife is feeling really unwell today, so made sourdough spelt blueberry pancakes with bacon and maple suuuuuurp to try and elicit a smile.


Hobbies and Pastimes / Re: TV
« on: August 14, 2019, 08:50:36 am »
This will help you get over it. Very dark and funny.


It’s on the “to watch” list

Hobbies and Pastimes / Re: Iron Chef WAYCT - What Are You Cooking Today
« on: August 11, 2019, 02:33:52 pm »
Feeling rather over full right now. Pancakes and bacon may have tipped me over the edge.

I am lucky being the bread maker in our household, my parter is generally the breadwinner. So my time is spent cooking, doing chores, looking after the dogs and DIY, with occasional freelance work.

Hobbies and Pastimes / Re: Iron Chef WAYCT - What Are You Cooking Today
« on: August 11, 2019, 08:59:14 am »
Had friends over yesterday. So prepared sourdough cinnamon buns for their arrival.

Also a spelt loaf and then for the evening split a 2.9kg beef rib joint in two. Reverse seared and served with goose fat chips and bernaise sauce. Followed by plum clafoutis. Some things were eaten too quickly to photograph.

Breakfast will be blueberry pancakes, bacon and maple syrup.


Flannel trousers (pants) for winter lounging. Could be worn with matching shirt for a completely overbuilt set of pajamas.

So today i thought it a good idea to wash two pairs of jeans in preparation for alterations.

PIH10ANS jeans were soaked and agitated in hot water for 10-15 mins and then put on a 30 degree cycle with a short slow spin at the end.  They lost about .5" at the waist and 1.5" on the inseam.  This may be enough to get away with no alteration will see when dry. I want to have a decent length cuff on these.

IH-888-XHSib soaked the legs only in hotter water and agitated for 10-15 mins.  As i wanted more loss in the legs than the waist.  I then repeated the soak and agitation.  Next put in the washing machine again 30 degrees and short slow spin.  They have not behaved at all, 3/4" loss around the waist and a mere 1/2" on the inseam!  They also faded patchily around the crotch will possibly make me look more of a wanker than I am.  :'(   The plan is to get these hemmed to correct length but now not sure if there is more shrinkage to come.

Gloucestershire for the past 2.5years, and London for over 20 years before that.

To be on the safe side,with such expensive jeans, I would soak them as hot as possible to be absolutely sure I got all the shrinkage out and then have them hemmed. I rolled the dice on mine and had the hemmed a little bit longer and then washed/soaked and there a little bit longer than perfect. I anticipated them shrinking more than they did. I can deal with longer better than shorter. Hope this helps.

How hot would you suggest I soak them? 40C? Higher?


@dj There is some shrinkage to be had in this fabric, but not loads. I’d recommend an initial hot soak to get it all out. Then you know where you stand. If you have a short inseam you can get a little taken off now, shrink them then send them back if necessary.

Cuffing/turn ups is personal preference. If you leave them an inch longer than you need then you have the option for cuffs or stacks. Personally, I feel the 888 cut works best with a correct hem, no cuffs and and minimal stacking, but that is just me.

While I’m at it, @Phil, that is a great fit. I also approve of your taste in kicks. Man after my own heart.

Ideally I’d like to end up with 33.25” inseam. Should I just get them hemmed as they are to 34.5 and hope they lose an inch or so over time. Or should I wash/soak them now and then get them hemmed?

How hot a soak to get the legs to shrink?


Tell us all, What You've Got / Re: dj
« on: July 26, 2019, 06:07:30 pm »
Last year I bought a lovely denim jac-shirt from a place called Bramby Supply in Barcelona. This year I left it behind in a hotel and the staff told me it hadn’t been found or put into lost property.

Was rather disappointed so made the plunge and bought the overdyed CPO shirt and loved it.

The hotel then found my original shirt - it had just been left hanging in the closet.

But by now my Iron Heart buying had started.

Next came the pronto straight cut jeans and today a pair of indigo/black 888s arrived.

Tell us all, What You've Got / dj
« on: July 26, 2019, 05:46:58 pm »
IH-888-XHSib - 25oz Indigo/Black Selvedge Denim
PIH10ANS-  22oz Selvedge Denim Pronto Straight Cut Jeans - Indigo

IHSH-178 Overdyed Indigo 18oz Selvedge Denim CPO

So I am assuming it’s a case of if they fit and you pass the test of doing up the buttons it’s your King Arthur moment and you keep the jeans.

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