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Just wondering...

Has anyone tried wearing an N1 vest under a Type III denim jacket? I reckon that could be a winning combination.... although hard to get the sizing right.

Sam no longer works for us.

Sorry to hear that. Please can you do us all a favour and employ someone with Sam's exact measurements?  :-*

It looks the perfect size for layering.

That looks good @endo

The shoulders are (were) perhaps marginally too wide but not enough that anyone would notice without you drawing attention to it.

I really like the look of this jacket. It's underrated in my opinion.

By the way, buttoning up the sleeves will solve the arm length issue.

Also, I think you uploaded the third photo after I posted my reply. I think it looks great with the shirt underneath. The short white t-shirt didn't do it any favours (you need something a little longer for added dimension, in my opinion).


People tend to have different opinions about what a good fit should look like when it comes to type III jackets, so the important thing is what you think.

That said, I'll offer my opinion:

- Shoulders look spot on.

- Chest looks fine with it open but I'm guessing it is a bit tight when done up (this isn't necessarily a problem unless you intend to wear it with layers and/or in cool weather).

- It possibly looks a little bit short (but this particular jacket was designed to be that way, i.e. the traditional type III shape/fit).

- The arms look a tiny bit too long but I don't think it will cause you any problems as the 22oz material will soon crease and bunch up a bit, which should 'shorten' the sleeves by about an inch.

If you size up, I think the arms would be far too long. If you size down, it'll be too tight and too short. So you probably have the right size!

The fit looks spot on, @cooldude_abe

Did you have second thoughts about the fit upon receiving it? I can't see anything wrong with it at all.

By the way, what jeans are those? 555?

That looks like a great fit and definitely goes well with the whipcord cargos. The jacket is really compatible with grey marl t-shirts and sweaters by the way, as you just proved.

@Bums_Fan, mind me asking what your height/weight is?

That's a really nice fit, @Bums_Fan - it looks spot on.

I bought this jacket last week while I had the chance. They were selling out fast. I'm not surprised, as this jacket is amazing - you won't find a better type III jacket, in my opinion.

I've owned a few different Iron Heart type III jackets and therefore wanted to share my thoughts, in case it helps anyone else considering buying one:

- These definitely come up small. I usually wear a L in Iron Heart shirts and jackets. However, having studied the measurements, it was clear that I would need an XL in this jacket, but even that is slightly on the small side. I am 5'10" and 170lb. I can do up all the buttons but it's very snug around the waist (as it should be). I don't intend to do it up very often.

- The XL is perfect for me if I wear it over just a t-shirt. However, it's a bit of a squeeze if I wear it over a hoodie or UHF, especially in the shoulders, even if I wear it undone. Therefore, if you want to wear it over layers, you'll definitely want to consider sizing up even further (i.e. two sizes bigger than your normal IH shirt size). I should add, although the jacket has significant heft, it's not very warm worn over just a t-shirt. So think carefully about when/where/why you want to wear a type III jacket.

- Meanwhile, the arms (sleeves) are relatively short compared to other Iron Heart type IIIs, at least in my experience (it's worth using the IH measurements comparison tool if this is likely to be an issue for you). Thankfully I have short arms so this isn't a major problem, but might be for some.

- The material is crazy. It literally creaks when I move! I really like this about it, but my wife is less of a fan.

- I was curious what the colour would be like in person. What surprised me (in a good way) is that the jacket has an almost 'used' or 'vintage' look right out of the bag. I expect it will age beautifully.

- The left-hand twill denim gives it a raised texture, almost like corduroy but much stiffer, at least initially.

- The delivery on this jacket was first class, literally. I ordered it at 11am and received it within 24 hours. I am in the UK but, even so, that's impressive.

I'll try to post some fit pics when I have more time.

No worries. Nice deal for whoever bought it.

Hi @chiverus, please can you let me know the measurements? And would it be possible to have a couple more photos to show the colour? (It's hard to tell how 'purple' it is from these photos and indeed from the one on the Okayama website!). Many thanks.

Sounds like you’re onto a winner. Post pictures  8)

Thanks @ton312

That makes sense that you sized up with the IH-526Lod. I'm a Large in the IH-526PJ so I think I'll be an XL in this jacket. I've been studying the measurements closely and I'm pretty sure that's the right size for me. I'm 5'10" and 175lb.

@ton312 That looks amazing. What size did you go for? Do you mind me asking your height/weight/usual Iron Heart size? Cheers.

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