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Doing a massive cleaning of my place and it's time to get rid of a ton of old clothes.  I'm more interested in getting these out the door and into a happy home than I am in getting full value so I've priced everything pretty aggressively.  That said, since everything is priced pretty low I'm not interested in haggling.  If you open with an "offer" that's less than what I have listed I will just ignore you.
  • Will offer a 10% discount on $500 or more.
  • All prices including shipping to the continental US.  AK, HI, or international contact me for shipping prices
  • I accept Paypal as a gift or regular method +3%

Measurements to come but I figured I would post everything now so if something catches your eye and you are already familiar with the sizing feel free to shoot me a PM.


3Sixteen Flannel - XXL - $25

3Sixteen Chambray - Blue - XXL - $25
Button on breast pocket came off but I still have it.


Buzz Rickson William Gibson MA-1 - 44L - $225


RRL Officer Chinos - 36x34 - $50


Archimede 42mm Pilot Watch - $250

Going, Going, Gone.... / Big Guy Sale - IHJ-04, RJB shirt
« on: June 09, 2013, 11:24:28 pm »
Greetings large individuals.  I've got quite a few quality pieces for sale.  All prices incude shipping to the contiguous US.  Alaska and Hawaii folks contact me for shipping prices.  And unfortunately due to issues I've had with international shipping I would prefer not to ship that way unless the buyer pays the cost in full which must include tracking.

Notes about each item and measurements below.

IHJ-04 - Khaki - XXL - $250

Tracked down the blue version in the same size so this one is now expendable.  Lightly worn.  Still in amazing shape.

Sizing: http://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=63.msg132309#msg132309

RJB Houndstooth work shirt - Red - 46 - $150

Measurements coming soon.  Just wanted to post it with everything else. 

Greetings large individuals.  Doing a bit of cleaning out of the old closet and figured this would be the perfect place.  Price + 3% (Paypal) and I'll ship anywhere in the US.  If you are outside the US please contact me in advance and I'll quote you a price on shipping.  One quick note - international shipping must include tracking.  I realize it's expensive but I simply won't ship outside the US without it.  It's better for both of us in the end.

I'm also willing to accept trades on everything listed below.  Mostly looking for Iron Heart in XXL or Flat Head / RJB in 46. 

So without further ado - pics, price, and measurements

Flat Head F380 - 38

Waist - 38.5”
Front Rise - 11”
Rear Rise - 16.5”
Thigh - 14”
Knee - 10”
Inseam - 36”
Hem - 8”

Again, lost a bit of weight so I can't rock these anymore.  Not a ton of fading aside from the wallet in the back right.  Slight wear in the crotch Hem is pretty torn up on both legs from stepping on it.  Again, might be a good opportunity to hem above the tear. 

Rogue Territory Indigo Work Shirt - L

Chest - 22”
Shoulders - 18”
Back - 32”
Sleeve - 29”


Some wear on the left elbow as seen in the pics.  Very slight honeycombing on the elbows. 

I have a lightly worn Flat Head winter flannel for trade.  It's a size 46.  I'm looking for the same shirt (either western or work shirt) same size (46) in any of the other colors (red / green / mustard / brown).

I will also take an IHSH-20 / Red / XXL

Help me out!

Chest - 23.5"
Sleeve - 26" (note the shoulders are wide)
Shoulder - 21"
Back - 29"

Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH-32 XXL, Taylor Supply CPO XL (Prices Lowered)
« on: November 06, 2011, 10:53:11 pm »
Got a few bit for sale.  All prices include shipping to the US.  International folks please contact me for shipping prices.

EDIT: I'm willing to listen to reasonable offers on the remaining two pieces.  PM me.

IHSH-32, Grey, XXL

$275 $250

Shoulders - 20"
Chest - 23"
Length - 30"
Arm - 26"

Taylor Supply CPO, XL
$200 $150

Picked this piece up from Unionmade.  It has a melton wool outer, cotton lining and satin lined sleeves.  It's last year's model but here's a link to their current product to give you an idea.


Shoulders - 20"
Chest - 23.5"
Length - 30"
Arm - 26"


Howlin by Morrison wool watch cap, blue, one size - New with tags


Everything is priced to sell.  All prices include shipping to anywhere in the US.  International folks contact me with your location.

3Sixteen khaki work shirt - Size XL
One wash

Shoulder - 18"
Chest - 44"
Length - 31"
Sleeve - 27"


IHSH-22 Green XXL
One wash. 

Shoulder - 20"
Chest - 47"
Length - 30"
Sleeve - 27"


Flat Head western chambray Size 44
Two washes

Shoulder - 20"
Chest - 46"
Length - 30"
Sleeve - 26"


Flat Head striped western - Size 44
One wash

Shoulder - 19"
Chest - 44"
Length - 29"
Sleeve -  26"


Flat Head herringbone western - Size 44
No washes

Shoulder - 19"
Chest - 44"
Length - 29"
Sleeve - 26"


Flat head short sleeve check shirt - Size 44
No washes

Shoulder - 19"
Chest - 42"
Length - 29"
Sleeve - --


Up for grabs is the latest version of the SExIH overdyed Type III.  This version has an added 2" at the bottom from last year's version.  Great for you tall folks. 


Try as I might I just can't pull off the look.  This has been worn about 6-7 times.  No washes, no soaks and no wear.  This size is sold out at Self Edge so this is the last chance to get this jacket. 

$475 shipped within US.
$425 shipped within US.  International folks contact me with your location.

Shoulder: 20"
Chest: 44"
Length: 27"
Arm: 26"

Here's a fit pic with a hoodie underneath.  Sleeves are a tad shorter than a typical Iron Heart XXL but not that bad.  I also have some serious monkey arms too.

SE lists the sleeves at 25.7.  I'll take specific measurements when I get home tonight.

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS: SEXIH07 (Indigo) ~34x34 (price lowered) - SOLD
« on: December 23, 2010, 07:26:02 am »
Edit: got a couple comments that they were a bit too worn for the price so I'm knocking off $50.  In addition, if you live in the SF Bay Area you can arrange local pickup.
Asking $225 (or best offer) shipped within the US.  International folks contact me for shipping costs.  Feel free to PM me if you are interested or have any questions. 

All measurements are fairly rough as I just have a standard tape measure, not a quality garment one.  The big picture is that these were probably never close to the tagged 36 size and after one wash they are more like 34s.

Waist - ~ 34"
Inseam ~ 34"
Thigh ~ 10"
Opening ~ 9

Probably the biggest issue is some of the stitching is a little loose in the crotch.  This is almost certainly from the jeans being too tight for me while I was wearing them in some vain attempt to stretch them out. 

Tracked down a point and shoot which was better than my camera phone.  Obviously not the greatest pics ever but it gets the point across.




Pocket Fades


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