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Buying and Selling / Re: Heroes (Buying/ Selling/Trading)
« on: August 21, 2021, 05:51:03 pm »
Shout out to @theorocks for a simple deal, fast shipping & a couple of stickers thrown into the bag with my new OD CPO (which is so awesome)

Great stuff my friend  8)


Cheers - my thoughts too - will speak to the local jeweller.

"B7D57E2A-CFB7-4EA2-83EB-8EC140E8C461.jpeg"Had a bitch of a week and the latest episode concluded with a snapped post on my pin  :'(

Are there any pin badge connoisseurs that can advise if a this is fatal or perhaps something a semi competent jeweller could remedy?


Sent you a PM :)

Cheers, Chris

Buying and Selling / IHV-32-IND - £150
« on: June 11, 2021, 07:18:55 pm »

Medium vest for sale. Very good condition.

£150 delivered in UK.

Cheers, Chris "2E6EBB18-EE46-4055-AB6C-9AD61D8E66C9.jpeg""255E2DDE-6BD6-443C-A82B-F0E415359EA9.jpeg""D52BCEA1-E87F-42DB-B186-0A9BBF72ECC7.jpeg"

Price dropped to £65.

Off to the Bay if no ones interested.


Having a couple of poor online shopping days!   :'(

Just bought this amazing shirt from a forum member and it's unfortunately a size too small.

The price is now £65 delivered in the UK.

The shirt is a dark indigo although the photos make it look lighter - it will of course fade.

I have shown some of the measures on the photos (P2P - 21inch / rear length slightly over 25inch).  Let me know if you need anything more.

If the sizes work - grab a bargain!

Cheers, Chris







Cheers for the responses all :)

I’ll check out the new shirts that come in (well - I was anyway!)

Shame GA don’t do one for the smaller snaps.

This is all a cunning ploy to get to buy more CPO shirts!!

Rueben - I have already been looking at the IHSH-293 (again) this morning  8) :D Alas there is no large.. 

My good art will lie patiently in wait for a CPO with oversized snaps!

It's very nice anyway.


Hi Giles,

My speedy morning research suggests the snap cap needs the ‘oversized snaps’ which are on some of your heavier (?) CPO shirts?

I have:

IHSH 216 (which i was hoping to fit to)

They all have the copper IH snaps but with 6mm male ends.


Cheers, Chris

Damn - I just bought one of the rosette caps from R&H and it doesn't appear to fit any of my CPO shirts..  :'( 

My shirts all seem to have snaps with a male end of 6mm ish and the Good Art snap cap seems to be 10mm ish

Have the shirt snaps changed in recent times? 

Do I need to buy a shirt to fit the snap  :D

How do I know if the snaps will be big enough..??

So many questions to consider while I play with my small silver frisbee..

I’ll take the last one if it’s still available?

Cheers that is good intel  :)

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