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Buying and Selling / IHV-32-IND - £150
« on: June 11, 2021, 07:18:55 pm »

Medium vest for sale. Very good condition.

£150 delivered in UK.

Cheers, Chris "2E6EBB18-EE46-4055-AB6C-9AD61D8E66C9.jpeg""255E2DDE-6BD6-443C-A82B-F0E415359EA9.jpeg""D52BCEA1-E87F-42DB-B186-0A9BBF72ECC7.jpeg"


Having a couple of poor online shopping days!   :'(

Just bought this amazing shirt from a forum member and it's unfortunately a size too small.

The price is now £65 delivered in the UK.

The shirt is a dark indigo although the photos make it look lighter - it will of course fade.

I have shown some of the measures on the photos (P2P - 21inch / rear length slightly over 25inch).  Let me know if you need anything more.

If the sizes work - grab a bargain!

Cheers, Chris







Going, Going, Gone.... / IH-777-XHS 25Oz Jeans - 35 tag - SOLD
« on: April 17, 2020, 04:59:46 pm »
Selling these jeans as I made a minor balls up on my measures (now happily sat in a perfect 34 tag pair)

The jeans were bought direct from Ironheart last week. They have been washed once and worn twice - they are basically in mint condition as per the photographs. Original tags still in the bag.

On eBay but I’ll sell here for less at £200 shipped first class to uk. Add a fiver if you want postage insured. I will have to check postage rates & confirm price if to EU/worldwide. Pay Pal F&F.

The original waist size was 35.2” and this shrank to approx 34.2” following the wash (current size).  They will stretch back to 35.2” after wear.  The inseam has been shortened and is approx 30.8” - 31” post wash, so should not change.

The measures are on the attached photos. Please drop me a line if these aren’t clear or you need any more info!

These jeans are soo nice :) "2C85FD23-FBED-4E3C-8FE0-30D506798DD4.jpeg""42793FF4-F6AD-418D-97B4-551DD09F0A14.jpeg""4F409FCD-4D27-4605-8231-6204A92DC90C.jpeg""F8C0DE4B-2983-454D-BEE3-7EDD12F519EA.jpeg""C3B96560-2FDA-467D-AC84-279392716241.jpeg"

Cheers, Chris

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