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Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: Yesterday at 05:21:03 pm »
Stevenson Overall Winter Collection & Basics

Stevenson's last delivery for the season has just been delivered to our stores.  This new collection rounds out what we received last month with the addition of a new Thinsulate lined flannel jacket, their Cody shirts in a new micro-cord fabric they've custom developed, and a wild wool beanie. 

Along with these new items we've received new runs of their loopwheeled t-shirts in both crewneck and henley variations in gray and oatmeal.  Check the product pages for a full rundown of the fabrics and construction styles of each item as quite a bit of work goes into these garments.

Shop Stevenson Overall Online: https://www.selfedge.com/stevenson-overall-co

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: December 09, 2019, 08:04:52 pm »
3sixteen for Self Edge Garment Dyed Hoodies & Selvedge Chinos are Back!

For this holiday season we've worked with 3sixteen to create a special run of their zip-up and pull-over hoodies.  Available now at all of our stores is a limited run of hoodies which have been garment dyed black then heavily rinsed for a slightly washed out charcoal color.  These hoodies have also been embroidered with a small "3s" on one wrist and a "SE" on the other wrist.  3sixteen nailed the shade and feel of these, the color looks great in person and the French terry they've produced is comfortable and great for all season wear.

Along with these hoodies we've received a new run of their selvedge chinos, available now in black, olive, and khaki.

Shop 3sixteen Online: https://www.selfedge.com/3sixteen

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: December 05, 2019, 08:35:29 pm »
OK sounds good. I did purchase one and had a photo sent by your team, however I was asked to not post it until you had your studio photos uploaded online. It is OK if i post it now since there is a delay of the online release? 

Glad you were able to pick on up, but I'm embarrassed that one of our staff told you not to post photos.  You can always post photos of anything you purchase from us, regardless of the timing! 

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: December 05, 2019, 04:42:57 pm »
@kiya some here are still awaiting the online release of the black moleskin cpo. Any update?

What is left of our in-store stock is going up in our online store by December 12th.

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: December 05, 2019, 04:26:53 pm »
Stevenson Overall Jeans, Chinos, Cody Snap Shirts, & Underwear

We've just received a fresh delivery from Stevenson containing their 714 and 727 jeans in indigo, 727 jeans in black, and their slim cut Hilt chinos in 3 colors.  We've also got the Cody snap shirts in black and washed indigo denim, and their loopwheeled boxer brief underwear. 

All these items along with restocks of their socks, loopwheeled sweaters, and more are available now at all stores and online.

Shop Stevenson Overall Online: https://www.selfedge.com/stevenson-overall-co

Other Brands and Shops / Re: Fine Creek Leathers
« on: December 02, 2019, 07:03:27 am »
@Max Power Nice evo pics, creases setting in nicely. Can't wait for my Eric to arrive

Where did you find an Eric? That's the only style of theirs I find interesting.

Fit-pics when you get it, please. 8)

The Eric model is so good. We actually get that jacket at all Self Edge stores in about 4 weeks.

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: December 01, 2019, 06:56:07 pm »
Iron Heart Slim Cut Chinos, Thermals, Type III Jackets, Wallets, & Flannels

Iron Heart just hit us with a large delivery of slim cut chinos, heavy thermal shirts, Type III jackets, wallets, flannels, and more..  All these items are available across all of our stores and online.

Shop Iron Heart Online: https://www.selfedge.com/iron-heart

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: November 28, 2019, 06:54:33 am »
The Self Edge Black Friday SALE - This Weekend!

This weekend we're running a Black Friday sale from Friday through Monday. This will be the last time we're discounting anything this year. Come by the store and see all our new collections and enjoy a 15% off sale on everything in the store.

We'll have quite a few new shirts, jeans, jackets, leather accessories, silver jewelry, and more in the store just in time for the weekend from Iron Heart, Good Art, 3sixteen, Pure Blue Japan, Mister Freedom, Warehouse, Rick Owens, Studio D'Artisan, Flat Head, Strike Gold, Nine Lives, Sugar Cane, Buzz Rickson (and William Gibson), Human Made, Masahiro Maruyama, Merz b. Schwanen, Stevenson, and more.

Come by and check out all the newest releases from every line we carry and restocks of all the jeans from all the brands which we stock. There's quite a bit of new product coming in daily and some will be going up in the online store over the next few days, some will be in-store only until after the weekend.

It's rare for us to have a blanket sale like this... Everything will be marked down 15% for four days so come by and check out our new goods.

Self Edge Online Store Sale:
Starts: 9am (PST) Friday, November 29th
Ends: 9am (PST) Tuesday, December 3rd

Sale in-store and online will be 15% off (excludes hems/repairs/magazines). Customers which are not local can use a coupon code for 15% off everything in our online store starting at 9AM (PST) Friday November 29th, the coupon code will be good until 9am (PST) Tuesday, December 3rd.
Sale terms cannot be retroactive for past purchases or to pre-purchase items which are not in our current stock.

Coupon Code for 15% off: BlackFriday2019

Shop Self Edge Online: http://www.selfedge.com/index.php?route=product/the_shop

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: November 25, 2019, 07:24:48 am »
Roy R01Sail Very Nice Pocket Bag Jeans

We have a special run of Roy’s jeans being released today online and at the new Mega Self Edge in San Francisco. The indigo patches on the pocket bags are made by Rowland Ricketts. Roland grows the indigo himself on his farm then dyes the cloth himself. Roy has used different shades of his indigo dyed cotton cloth to decorate the pocket bags. Comes in a classic straight leg fit with a little taper and these have been rinsed by Roy. These are the most over the top detailed out jeans we’ve ever seen from Roy, so many little details to discover within these jeans.

These are available now at SESF and online.

Shop Roy Jeans Online: https://www.selfedge.com/roy

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: November 22, 2019, 02:39:31 am »
What is this black moleskin cpo? Any idea when the black 14oz type 2 trucker will arrive?

Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk

Black 14oz Type II is coming in January to all Self Edge stores!

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: November 22, 2019, 02:38:54 am »
Black Iron Heart Moleskin CPO @kiya ?  When does that go live on the web?

The Self Edge exclusive black version of these is available at all of our stores now, going online December 3rd.
We loved these so much we had them do a run in black for our stores, they're pretty unreal.

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: November 21, 2019, 05:35:43 pm »
Self Edge San Francisco Closing & Opening Party

After 13 years at the original location of our first store we're moving on up Valencia Street in San Francisco.  We've spent this year building out a Mega Self Edge for you, just a couple of blocks away from our original San Francisco location in the Mission District. 

Come by this Saturday night to celebrate the closing of our first store and the opening of our new store.   We'll have drinks, music, and exclusive releases made for this weekend from 3sixteen, Roy, Neff Goldsmith, Fine Creek Leathers, and two different Self Edge Graphic Series T-Shirts.

Self Edge SF Closing Party
714 Valencia Street / 5pm to 7pm / Saturday, November 23

Mega Self Edge Opening Party
569 Valencia Street / 7pm to 10pm / Saturday, November 23

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: November 19, 2019, 04:44:58 pm »
Papa Nui Does Shirts!

The papa is one hell of a hat maker, making some of the nicest caps out of great fabrics in Japan.  For the first time he's expanded his output to include these great Tarawa shirts.  Made of a 100% cotton Japanese milled poplin and filled with little details that will please even the most seasoned vintage shirt buyer. 

These are available now in olive or navy and go up to a true size XXL. 

Shop Papa Nui Online: https://www.selfedge.com/papa-nui

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: November 16, 2019, 05:34:18 pm »
Mister Freedom Midnight Jeans & Trailblazer Shirt

Two new releases from Mister Freedom this week!

Mister Freedom’s new Midnight denim version of his popular Lot 64 series jeans is here.  These are made of a 16oz dark indigo warp and black weft denim with a solid white selvedge ID.  They come with a black painted and embossed leather patch, copper brown Mister Freedom buttons, and brown constructional thread.  

We also have Mister Freedom's new Trailblazer shirt made of a special brushed sateen fabric that's soft and has a great hand-feel to it.  This shirt is filled with every imaginable little detail as this is what Mister Freedom does best.  

Both of these items are available now at all stores and online.

Shop Mister Freedom Online: https://www.selfedge.com/mister-freedom

Iron Heart Retailers / Re: Self Edge SF, NY, LA, PDX & MX
« on: November 14, 2019, 04:56:27 pm »
Buzz Rickson Reversible Camo Jackets, William Gibson MA-1 Jackets, Whitesville T-Shirts, & More

A large shipment of winter releases just landed from all of Toyo's labels.  We have one insanely cool reversible jacket from Buzz Rickson with a removable hood, Buzz Rickson x William Gibson MA-1 and L-2B jackets, Whitesville t-shirt 2-packs which now go up to size XXL in three colors, and a restock of all Sugar Cane jeans.

Get all these things at our stores now or in our online store.

Shop Buzz Rickson Online: https://www.selfedge.com/buzz-rickson

Shop Whitesville & Sugar Cane Online: https://www.selfedge.com/sugar-cane

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