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Other Boots / Hoffman Super Rainforest by Danner...query
« on: November 21, 2020, 03:16:11 pm »
Hello there everyone,
My first post on here, so best wishes to all.
Cutting to the chase, has anyone got any suggestions?
I have recently acquired some Hoffman rf by Danner, used, in good nick. I bought them with work in mind, as I cannot bring myself to use my Wesco Jobmaster for work! 😬
The Hoffman, aimed at the 'Lineman' has the double steel shank, so, whilst good on ladders (and occasionally when I get the climbing spikes on) aren't so comfy when just trudging about.
The previous owner made a good suggestion for an insole, but thought I'd also check in with everyone on this forum, see if anyone else has an insight? I kind of want to snug up the whole foot, but particularly stop my heel from lifting/rubbing around that tendon area. I'm guessing it's to do with the steel shanks inhibiting flexibility...
A big thanks in advance if anyone has any jolly good ideas... I'm hearing Svartz anatomic thus far, as an insole. The boots are Gore-Tex lined and I wear thick boot socks... Cheers ♦️

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