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Right on! Looks like it can fit a healthy amount underneath
Went from a medium to large and it’s perfect
Yours looks amazing my guy

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I was just wondering if you got your new jacket @PipeBoss. Fit looks good to me, are you happy with it?

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It’s perfect
Just a tad bit bigger then my medium good Witt a uhf or a sweater

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The blizzard tamer.

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Buying and Selling / WTS: Iron heart, Merz B & 3Sixteen
« on: December 29, 2021, 09:44:20 pm »
Merz B SCHWANEN Heavyweight pullover hoodie “midnight blue” 200.00 shipped

IRON HEART 21oz selvedge denim modified type III jacket “INDIGO” Sz 38 (MEDIUM)
IH-526-PJ 350.00 shipped
Like new lightly worn, little to no fades set in.

IRON HEART 21oz selvedge denim modified type III Vest “indigo”
IH-526SV 275.00 shipped
Worn often w/ nice fades setting in.
No damage or tears

IHT-1600-white XL
90.00 shipped

3sixteen garment dyed long sleeve “military green”
(LARGE)35.00 Shipped
3sixteen garment dyed short sleeve “clove”
(LARGE) 35.00 shipped

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Too tight with a sweater.   must return for large

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Hey everyone, just got my IH-666S-21s this week. Such fast service from IHUK, from UK to NZ in only a week, impressive at this time of year thanks.

Sizing was always going to be a bit of a tricky one since I've never had heavy Japanese denim before, I did expect it to be thicker and stiffer, though hard to guesstimate how much room will be needed with stretch from wear factored in. I'm thinking maybe I've been a bit too ambitious with sizing, and/or perhaps the 666 cut is a little too small for me in the top block, around the thighs and front rise. Pictures speak a thousand words so I've embarassed myself to show the fit below

I can stand to lose some weight so the waist fit doesn't concern me too much, decent muffin top going on if I don't suck it in a little, but I think with wear they might stretch out OK.

The area that worries me more is that the thighs are tight, and the front rise maybe another inch or half would be better. The thighs are quite snug which is OK when standing, and not too bad for walking but it's very tight if I raise my knees. I can walk fine, but it does sort of feel like I'm wearing a corset across the thigh / where the bottom of front rise meets the thigh if I do any bending. The jeans sit slightly lower on my hip too due to the thickness of the denim and stiffness of it, making the mid rise more like a lowish rise for me.

Fresh out of the package I couldn't quite button up the jeans, it was maybe 2cm from reaching the button hole. So I wore them while gaming for a couple of hours, and then could button them without much fuss. I think I'd worn them about 4 hours when I took these photos and the fit had improved greatly since first trying them. I guess the question now is, how much more give can be expected?

It's probably hard to tell from the photos how snug they are, but I think if you look at the thighs in the back shot, and from the side when knee is raised, you can see the jeans are taut. And my knee doesn't want to go much higher than that without a good fight. In the photo it doesn't even look like I'm trying to raise my knee, but that's basically as high as it will go without pushing through the resistance.

I am not too fussed if I have to sell these, I was kinda expecting I'd have to try one pair to guesstimate my size properly. They're great jeans and I'm sure someone will buy them if needed.

"back.jpg""front.jpg""side knee up.jpg""side straight.jpg"

So I guess my questions would be:
Has anyone else experienced stiffness in the thigh like this, where it's difficult to raise your knee? Does this end up going away with wear?
And has anyone else had a tighter fitting pair like this that has worked out? There's a slight "straight jacket" feel to these, like not painful, but just that your strapped in and being a little compressed.
I had heard that the 21oz has a fair bit of give in it, just tricky to know how it would play out with long term wear.
Any feedback on the amount of stretch / give would be useful

I would rather sell these on without further wear if it seems like they will always be a bit too much on the snug side for me. I think even if I make an effort to exercise and trim down my mid a little, the thigh / crotch area if that doesn't slacken off might still be a nuisance, wearable perhaps, but maybe not optimal?

For reference these are size 32 IH-666S-21, with 32.5in waist.
I am about 5'7, 80kg, I never really considered myself to have large thighs so interesting that these seem so snug compared to other peoples photos. Chonky boi needs to lose some chonk.
I had the same problem and I went Witt 555 after trying both 888 and 777 and the 555 is my favorite second with 777
888 is more boot cut for me.

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Come on 12.0 thigh on a size 31 baby!

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Bottoms / Re: IH-805 - 21oz Indigo Selvedge Denim Double Knee Overalls
« on: December 11, 2021, 01:16:38 pm »
Gosh so awesome
Are they ever gonna do like a 555 cut?

I’d like some taper on a pair..

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Haha nice [mention]Pipeboss713 [/mention] 
Lol boom! [mention]Fadez [/mention]
Good timing

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If this needed to be washed, how would one go about doing so (taking into account the lining)?

Reason I ask is, I spend a large amount of time outside in the winter plowing snow/cutting downed trees/etc, and may get muddy.

Thanks in advance!
Pre soak
Cold wash
No spin
Line dry

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Scored a medium

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