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Evening Filthy

Hi Filthy,

Thank you, it is, a Dustbowl.

(Call me Al please, we have been introduced)

Went for something to compliment my 888s



It also needs breaking in.

Looking good, how long have you been wearing them Filthy?

Sorry a bit of a naff pic but much happier in these than the 777 (should put them on the market place).

This is a great way to start 25oz off. I am having a back op in June so wanted to get these going.
My 634 21s feel pretty light now.

Good call! thanks for all the advice

Milady did a bit of a double take seeing those hanging on the shower door....

Anyway, turned out nice I think (a happy start)


Works very nicely! (Thanks Neph & Adam)

Tip. Don't drink too much tea (25oz wet buttonholes are slow to action).


My double stitched arrived this morning.

Three weeks not getting back to IH base for hemming.
Jack was like a Wolf chasing the couriers (anyone sees a UPS guy in 888 25s say hello the old fashioned way from me).

Following this process @neph93 (my spec differs by just the 1" inseam at 31")
Soaked for an hour, hanging now and wearing damp in the morning.
Yay! Ever since the 888 came out I've been dying to see it in XHS... I even bought the 888-XHSib, despite the black/indigo combo not being my favourite (they are beautiful though).

They arrived yesterday and I'm ecstatic to finally have them in my possession. I bought W34. I have the 888s-0d and the XHSib in w33 but they are sized down for a slimmer silhouette. I wanted these a little more relaxed though.

I measured them, then soaked for 90min in 50C water, no agitation. Here are the dims:

Dimension - Before/After
Waist - 34"/33.5"
Front rise - 12"/11.5"
Back rise - 16.5"/16"
Thigh - 12.9"/12.7"
Knee - 9.2"/8.9"
Hem - 8.65"/8.45"
Inseam - 32.2"/31.5"

These seem more like an 888 as they were conceived, like my IH-888-UHR with a relaxed leg and true taper. Just what I was after. The waist started moving straight after I put them on. I also tried an approximation of @adam313 method of getting creases in early by wearing them damp and cool. There is no doubt that creases at the hip, behind the knee and at the hem came in straight away and stayed after I took them off to dry throughly. excited to see where these go.

Fit pics etc soon.

Fit pics etc. soon


I was hoping that was what you were saying...
35's are out of stock....plenty of 34's

'Probability factor of one to one - normality is restored'


Hi Yannis,

Thanks for that, appreciate your advice.

My 634s are 34 tag 21oz, are you suggesting I go 34 on the 25oz 888s? (I was concerned about shrinkage
and then stretch which was not an issue on the 634).

Every New guy has to say hello somewhere, so 888 for me (with your advice please).

Summary is:

Old git
Ex Biker, z650 mainly
Desk job now

I bought a pair of 634S 21oz (Tag 34 hemmed to 31 (I am 29)) in December.
I am really enjoying them, getting softer after three warm soaks and drip drys. They are very comfortable, could maybe be a little snugger on the thigh and hem (top bits are good), and just starting to get some slight tonal changes (Graphics industry ....indulge me please).

So I thought I would try 777 XHS.
I like the 25oz a lot (not a problem and after a couple of soaks it's getting a bit more mellow) but I might have gone for a bit of a tight / too young cut (rise is a bit low, calfs a bit tight, pockets are low & long...).

A chum suggested 888 as a mid way. What do you think?

Thanks (in advance)

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