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Footwear / WESCO
« on: April 01, 2015, 01:23:23 am »
Urb, if you feel like dropping the change go the custom fit route.

Meh. I'm not looking for a custom boot from them just yet. I've watched the Seconds area for about 4yrs now and just have never pulled the trigger.

Footwear / Re: WESCO
« on: April 01, 2015, 12:03:24 am »

Watch that 2nds site! I swear it feels like stealing if you happen to find something you like in your size.  A buddy of mine just got a pair of brown domain boss boots that spec'd out over $600 for ~$300.  I personally "stole" a pair of brown packers for ~$280.  My experience has been the blemishes are barely noticeable and typical of the wear and tear you might get in any case after some normal use.  Just saying...

Take this man's advice. I'm just still unsure of my size. I had a pair a few years ago but I ended up returning them.

I'm an 8.5E in whites, 8.5E in Alden TrueBalance, and usually an 8.5 in Viberg's forgiving lasts(not the 2030).

I feel like I should be a 9E.

Past Seasons Collections / Re: 2015 Fall/Winter Pipeline
« on: March 30, 2015, 08:29:14 pm »

Hombre-fest....Same weight and construction as Buffalo's...

Is that orange or red? I want either way.


This winter we will be getting green/black, red/black and grey/black as well as maroon/cream.

Nice. I hope they don't all drop at once. I need all of them except the red/black.


just the two slash pockets sitting at nipple height.
Where the fuck do your moobs swing? ;D ;D ;D

Pretty low but not as low as your balls.

But seriously, I've tried on a couple repros and the hand pockets are almost in your armpits. I'm looking at you Real McCoys.


Modern fit fishtail parka. Please. In Japanese olive ventile.

Not Japanese Ventile, but the Private White VC parka is pretty close...

Sorry for the thread hijack.

That's nice but I'm not spending $1150usd on a repro. I want a fishtail parka reimagined by Haraki with more pockets than just the two slash pockets sitting at nipple height.

Modern fit fishtail parka. Please. In Japanese olive ventile.

Accessories / Re: Luggage Bags and Packs
« on: March 28, 2015, 12:14:01 am »
I don't understand. You could get any backpack, strap one of those waterproof covers on it and keep your laptop in a waterproof sleeve. Get the Mission Workshop bag!

Footwear / Re: Converse
« on: March 27, 2015, 03:09:34 pm »
Oh yeah, I finally got a pair of these the day that my LeftField NYC sweatsuit showed up.

How do you like them?

The sole looks nice and supportive, but I can't get past the blue lip on the toe.
Never liked that on the Jack Purcell's myself.
Look pretty nice Urb, but im with Broark. Ive never liked the Purcell models for the same reason

I agree. It's weird looking. I bought a cheap pair a few years ago just to see how I would like them and I ended up wearing them a shit ton during the summer with shorts. I wanted a new pair of all white sneakers and I didn't like the new monochrome 70s Chucks for some reason.

Footwear / Re: Converse
« on: March 27, 2015, 05:31:28 am »
I picked up the new Jack Purcell Signature in white today from Bloomindales. They are $95 but Bloomies has a 25% off basically the entire store sale going on right now so I got them for $71ish. I highly recommend these. They seem even higher quality than the 70s chucks. They come with an Ortholite insole that has Nike Zoom technology(?). The rubber is much thicker and the white duck canvas is much heavier than normal.



Workshirt style with handwarmers like the 54.

In an olive drab color way

FlatHead Black Biker T-Shirt  sold

SH-42 sold

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