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Buying and Selling / Vintage Levis Type-3/Trucker Denim Vest
« on: November 19, 2020, 03:47:47 pm »
Figured I’d put this up here just in case anyone was interested. This is an old/late eighties Levis denim vest. Back when they were still made in the US and used a 100% cotton 14.75 ounce denim.It's in really good condition with no rips,holes or smells. It's a size large,which is about a 44,but it's a regular cut as opposed to the slim cuts they currently offer. Has the patch on the inside,which I don't think is leather. Has 2 handwarmer pockets and 2 inside pockets. They really don't make them like this anymore. If your interested and want measurements let me know. $50 and you cover the shipping."6D072A1E-DBEC-4D5D-BFA7-22CDFA4DFA71.jpeg""8187392A-D42A-41FA-82D1-AED19465D8FE.jpeg""235F91FD-1996-49B4-813F-B4D9B174B74D.jpeg""17CD47F8-B7D8-4224-BBDE-BF436D677D08.jpeg""8BB9AF6F-81A4-49E2-807E-A25ED35397FE.jpeg""AEF8ACDE-633D-4170-BE5A-4DD4F689ABCC.jpeg""AF667FD8-5BA5-4F00-AE07-7B2BD165DC0A.jpeg"

This is the first iteration of their Western shirts,that has long since sold out. Another Quarantine Casualty,that I just haven’t worn. The fabric is very nice ,but lightweight. If I had to guess I’d say 6-7 ounces,which makes it ideal for warmer climates. The denim is also a little bit on the stubby side. If you’re not familiar with Freenote,their clothes are very well made,with all the details you’d want in a high end denim shirt. The measurements are as follows. Shoulders=20.25 Length=31.25 PtP=22.5 Sleeve=28.5(Pretty Long) Waist=about 21 Opening =22 Cuff=4.5 It’s a tag size Large,and I struggled with the waist measurement. If you want any more detailed pictures or measurements I’d be happy to provide them. If this works for you,for $135 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US.   "7DE30A7D-6B89-4433-93A3-4F7C66F08584.jpeg""BE7964D7-B26D-4251-ADD0-EDCAC1BBEC1C.jpeg""76C0F7EE-D30E-44AB-BD3B-15747DA4412A.jpeg"

Buying and Selling / F/S Old Blue 19OZ Denim Jeans Size 36
« on: July 18, 2020, 06:52:10 pm »
These jeans were a made one time from 19OZ denim that was woven in Indonesia. They were/are 100% loomstate raw denim. They were not treated in any way,which accounts for the leg twist. They have all the features that you would expect/want from high end selvedge denim. The wabash pocketbags are a nice touch.The denim feels pretty substantial,but are at this point pretty well broken in and ready to be worn. They were pretty stiff when I got them. The cut is a straight leg with a low rise similar to Iron Hearts 777. Theses are sold out and not currently available. They have tons of life left in them. I haven’t worn them in awhile gained some weight etc. measurements are as follows Waist=36 Front Rise=10.25 Rear Rise=14 Thigh=12.5 Knee=8.4 Inseam=32.5 Hem=7.5 Because of the leg twist I struggled with some of the measurements. If you’d like pictures with the measuring tape in place,I’d be happy to send them. For $125 I’ll ship them anywhere in the US. "3473EED6-2CFD-402E-8E8E-E6BCB9596E70.jpeg""3C11C25F-A80E-4F6D-B121-3551CC2DA891.jpeg""E51099C4-15B8-4107-9D61-E7166937D391.jpeg""A2AC5FE6-7507-4E7B-824C-F8877E982CD5.jpeg""B4BDC4C1-B782-4384-8C43-92BF0BA28930.jpeg""FD188AD2-5074-464F-9DE7-1C26D7900D9E.jpeg"

Much as it pains me I’m putting my 19OZ Lefty Overdyed Type III Size XXXXL up for sale.  This is hands down the coolest jean jacket anyone has ever made,and the last jacket you’ll ever need.Had visions of wearing it constantly and beating it up like the Tour jacket,but for some reason it just never worked out. I don’t think I wore it 10 times. It was washed once. I had sized up to wear while riding,but that never happened either. It’s pretty close to new as far as it’s condition is concerned. Measurements are as follows...Shoulders=21.2 Length=28.0 PtP=24.2 Waist=21.8 Opening=22.2 Sleeve=27.5 Cuff=4.8 For $400 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US. Price may seem a little high for a used jacket,but because of the size and weight I expect the shipping to be expensive.    "EA2380C3-CB68-493B-93E7-DB2894A1DE88.jpeg""75EFAAD4-ADAE-444C-BA67-5A3E5A328DF7.jpeg"

Vintage Levis Barstow Western shirt from the mid 80s. Was originally black,but is now a faded charcoal gray. 100% cotton,Tiger eye snaps,and western yokes front and back. This an old school Levis full cut size Large,as opposed to the slim cuts they presently offer. Took some quick measurements. Chest/PtP=23.5  Sleeve=23,and the length in the back,which is longer than the front is 32. If you want any other measurements or pictures I’d be happy to accommodate. For $55 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US."AEDE6752-6058-4CD9-8E6B-4149A8257EEB.jpeg""23430E7C-4A8F-46AE-8DAA-4F76686B68A5.jpeg""4331F5E2-2F82-44F0-AAA1-08A230F4DF99.jpeg"

Really great jeans,just never seemed to work their way into my rotation. Only 17 days of wear and 2 washes,so these are practically new. They’re a Tag size 36 with the following measurements.  Waist=36  Front Rise=11.4  Rear Rise=15.5 Thigh=12.5 Knee=9.3 Hem=8.5 Inseam=32.5 Pretty close to published. For $195 I’ll ship them anywhere in the US."8D0986D1-8146-4953-82EF-FF90B7599E99.jpeg""7DC48EC4-7335-4D12-8EE4-3370C5C90E7E.jpeg"

These are my Iron Heart 555-N Natural Indigo/Organic Cotton Jeans. They have approximately 140 days of wear,and probably 10 washes. As you can see I’m not especially hard on jeans as these still have plenty of life left in them. There are no holes rips or tears of any kind. These are great Summer or warmer weather jeans. For $145,I’ll ship them anywhere in the US. Measurements are as follows...Waist=36.0  Front Rise 11.2 Rear Rise=15.2  Thigh=12.5  Knee=8.5  Length=31.5 Hem=8.0 If you would like any more detailed pictures,or for me to double check any of the measurements I’d be happy to do that."E091D6E2-2EF6-4C3C-8876-6CB12912BCCB.jpeg" "C0A3EB6C-EB50-4D78-9EC5-8E4FBBEF3820.jpeg"

My Quarantine Closet Cleanout continues with my Indigofera Copeland Gunpowder Selvedge denim shirt. Made of 14OZ Japanese Selvedge denim that has gunpowder constituents in the dye. Red Line Selvedge,Brass Indigofera logo snap buttons and copper rivets. I think I wore it 3 times and then just forgot about it. It’s in excellent condition with no rips,holes,tears,or smells of any kind. It currently sells for $285 at Rivet and Hide. For $165 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US. MEASUREMENTS are as follows. Chest/PtP=23  Waist=22  Shoulder=19.5 Opening=22.5  Length=29.75 Sleeve=28(Published at 27.75).   "08579A0C-4951-44DE-9BD6-4D959B3A0270.jpeg""DDC74346-00E5-4388-8A7E-BE0DD494B325.jpeg""B4DEAF0D-1416-42FD-B490-9B954AB2DEF4.jpeg"

This one of the OG overdyed IH Denim Western Shirts in XXL,but it’s spending way too much time in my closet and could use a good home. The shirt is in excellent condition,with no rips holes tears or smells of any kind. It’s been washed a couple of times but no real discernible wear. The shirt does have an IH patch,which might be a deal breaker for some. If you want the shirt,but that’s holding you back I can take it off. If the measurements work out for you it can be yours for $165 shipped anywhere in the US. The measurements are as follows...Shoulders=19.75  Length=29.5 PtP=22.5 Opening=21.75 Waist=23 Sleeve=25.25 Cuff=5 I’d be happy to send pictures with the measuring tape to show how I arrived at the measurements. "562F23BB-67E5-4946-92E0-0DF3FEE578FD.jpeg""5FDF1ECA-10E7-46FA-B477-94FD4EEDBDAC.jpeg""113D0740-DDC1-4847-B3EC-6642F3092C23.jpeg"

I bought this a few years ago when it was first released,and I have never worn it outside of my house. Just could never find the right occasion,or outfit to pair it with. This is as close to new as you’ll ever get. No rips, tears ,or smells of any kind. Only thing missing is the tags. For $215 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US. This is an XXL and the measurements are as follows....Shoulder=19  Length=31.25  PtP=23.3  Waist=21.8  Opening=22.75  Sleeve=26.5  Cuff=5.0     "6D3953AD-4269-4C65-8E98-17647F585314.jpeg""039408E5-A915-4FF8-963F-47AD073D958A.jpeg"

Shirt doesn’t fit me all that well and not being worn enough to justify keeping. It’s in super great condition,with no rips,holes tears,or smells. Only cold water washed and line dried. An excellent shirt for Fall-Spring. For $150 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US. It’s a Tag size XXL,and I did my best to measure as per IH video.                                       Measurements are...Shoulders=19.5  Length =29.8  PtP=23.5  Waist=22  Opening=23.5  Sleeve=26.5 Cuff=4.5                   "A76A1E55-B6C5-4A41-B71C-2D05C03C9A2F.jpeg""585BDB22-31B5-4712-99EE-047EB19EA472.jpeg""2997B414-86E4-45F7-9807-A23B06A334C3.jpeg"

Really cool Western shirt ,with pimped turquoise snaps,that I found that I could wear from Fall to Spring. Fitting kind of snug these days so I’ve decided to part with it. Shirt is in excellent condition,no smells rips holes etc. Cold washed and line dried only. If the measurements of this extinct shirt work for you,I’ll ship it anywhere in the US for $145.                                       
Shoulders=19.5    Length=30.25   PtP=22.75  Waist=21.7  Opening=23   Sleeve=26.75 Cuff=4.5"4BB4AA25-8269-4880-80D9-06F2CFA7A516.jpeg""5BB03B06-FD3D-44EF-BD04-405F5BB4E664.jpeg""50B9D470-E01E-4B0E-BEF5-30645FCBF2C0.jpeg""90FFBFD6-CCBC-414F-8949-73C84E62E260.jpeg""FF4B0988-49D5-4409-BFF1-FA83A0BB8DB8.jpeg"

Got this shirt a while back,and it was always a little tight on me. Wore it a few times,washed once in cold water and line dried. Just about as close to new as you can get.Hope to find it a good home and maybe I can get one of the restocks coming next week. Did the best I could to measure the IH way. Measurements are as follows...
Shoulder-19.1 Length-30.7   Chest(P2P)-23.5 Waist-20.8  Opening-22.5 Sleeve-26.1 Sleeve Opening 4.8 If these are your perfect measurements for $200 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US.  "E054F4BB-73CA-4CEB-8638-7A7B80536B16.jpeg""302B98FC-B5FB-41A8-B34E-F2186AB2BCDE.jpeg""1CCFD4AF-C500-485B-AE96-0D01379DA935.jpeg"

General Chat / Happy Birthday Giles
« on: September 14, 2017, 02:14:07 am »
Due to the time difference it's the 14th of September when I'm posting this. So here it is.HAPPY BIRTHDAY Giles. Have an awesome day,I know the weekend is going to be out of control. So,wish I could've been there.

Iron Heart Meet Ups & Travel / New York City Denim Days Festival
« on: August 03, 2017, 09:54:35 pm »
There is going to be an Amsterdam style Denim Days Festival www.denim-days.com in New York City, Sept.29,30 and Oct 1st. Tickets are $10. I plan on going. If anyone else would like to go/meet up that would be great.

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