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see below :)

Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD! FS: IH 777R-142 Size 34
« on: September 16, 2019, 06:50:39 am »
IH 777R-142, size 34
Sadly it turns out these won't work too well on me. Waist is too big and the thighs borderline too small.
They haven't seen water yet. Soaking/washing might fix the waist but the thighs will kill me then.
So I better let them go, worn 4 or 5 times.

Actual meausrements:
Waist: 36"
Front rise: 11"
Back rise: 15.5"
Thigh: 12.5"
Knee: 8.75"
Leg opening: 7.75"
Inseam: 36"

Asking for 200 $ + shipping shipped!

But also open to reasonable offers  ;)


Hi guys,

for sale is a lot of stuff since I just want to reduce my wardrobe as much as possible. These jeans are all in great condition if not even BNWT or just worn a handful of times.

Like always, PM me for offers or questions.

Sugar Cane SC40400 Hawaii (natural indigo)

TCB 50s

Denime 66XX with red tab

Studio d'Artisan D1708 Vietnam War

Studio d'Artisan SD-108

Studio d'Artisan D1755 Suvin Gold

Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD! Jeans for Sale: Full Count 1101 Size 33
« on: December 01, 2017, 07:56:45 pm »
Hi guys

I have the following Japanese jeans for sale. Shipping rates depend on your location on shipping preferences.

For sale is a pair of Full Count 1101 in size 33. They feature the flagship 13.7oz denim made of Zimbabwe cotton and known for its comfortable feel and great fading potential. They have the typical Full Count arcs and a red tab. The jeans were professionally hemmed with a Union Special 43200G.

They were worn for several weeks but have plenty of life left. Not much fades to speak of.

Measurements, fully stretched
Waist: 35"
Front rise: 11.75"
Back rise: 17"
Thigh: 13"
Knee: 9"
Leg opening: 8.25"
Inseam: 33"

Price: 100 US-$ + shipping

Pictures can be found here:


Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD: FS: Studio d'Artisan D1712 Size 34
« on: April 24, 2017, 07:30:24 pm »
For sale is a pair of Studio d'Artisan D1712 jeans in size 34. These jeans are made of 15oz denim. The cotton for the weft is from Zimbabwe for the luxurious and comfortable feeling and the warp is made of Memphis cotton, known for it's rougher texture which should lead to nice fadings.

The fit is a regular tapered cut, perfect for everybody who wants a slim leg but needs some room in the top block. Furthermore, the jeans are packed with many details like hidden rivets, black buttons, ligned back pockets, selvedge fly construction and many more.

Worn only a handful of times (maybe 2 weeks), nearly as new. Had an initial wash for shrinking the denim.

Waist: 35"
Front Rise: 11"
Back Rise: 15.5"
Thigh: 13.5"
Knee: 8.75"
Leg Opening: 7.5"
Inseam: 35"

Asking price is 180 US-$ + shipping costs

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS: Sugar Cane SC40200 AI Size 34
« on: April 22, 2017, 03:04:51 pm »
For sale is a pair of Sugar Cane SC40200. Made from cotton/sugarcane blend and dyed with natural indigo. Repro of Levi's 501 1947. Toyo stopped production of these special AI models approx 10 years ago. Comes with  Sashiko arcs and red tab. Is in great condition, has only been soaked and worn a handful times (really just around 5 times). No signs of fades, just some creases which will go out with a wash/soak.

Measurements BiG-style
Waist: 34.5"
Front Rise: 12"
Back Rise: 16.75"
Thigh: 13.4"
Knee: 10.2"
Leg Opening: 9.25"
Inseam: 34.5"

More info and details: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kitarou/item/sugarcane_008/

Asking price for this collector's item is 300 US-$ + shipping costs

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS: Samurai S710XX16oz-DMO & Denime 66XX
« on: June 30, 2016, 08:29:35 pm »
Hi everyone,

For sale are 2 pairs from my collection. Both have to go because I don't wear them anymore and don't plan to as my style and preferences have changed.

Samurai S710XX16oz-DMO Size 35

This pair is the special collab between Samurai Jeans and Denimio from last year. Here are the details:
- 16oz Geisha Denim (pink/silver selvedge)
- Gold on the top button and the rest are in black
- Coin pocket, herringbone fabric
- Inverted A red tab at coin pocket
- Back pocket stitching in green/blue
- Back pockets: 16oz Geisha rotating 90 degrees
- Lined back pockets

The jeans have been hemmed and hot soaked so most shrinkage is out. It has been worn for no more than 2 weeks. The denim fades very quickly so you can already see light fadings on the whiskers. The creases can easily be re-set by a simple soak. The collab is sold out in most sizes, including this size.

Waist: 35.25"
Front rise: 11.2"
Back rise: 15.75"
Thigh: 12.8"
Knee: 9.25"
Leg opening: 8.125"
Inseam: 34"

More pictures of this collab can be found here:

Asking 150 US-$ + shipping

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS: Samurai S710OG16oz and Shins Craft 9801XX
« on: February 19, 2016, 04:37:07 pm »
Hi everybody, I am about to move so I took the opportunity to go through my collection to find jeans that either don’t fit or won’t be worn anymore (just like I did with my boots). So I have the following 2 jeans for sale:
·         Samurai S710OG16oz
·         Shins Craft 9801XX
This limited edition for Samurai’s 16th Anniversary uses Samurai’s famous 710 cut in a 16oz organic cotton denim. The green selvedge line is dyed with natural plant dyes. The leather patch is very thick and is made of cow hide. The pockets bags are made of a beige slub serge twill.
I am selling this pair as it is too trim through the hips and I am afraid to soak them and then won’t be able to wear them. I only tried them on like 3 times over the last year. They have still all tags attached so you are looking at a BNWT pair of a limited edition that is mostly sold out, especially in this size. They have been professionally hemmed with a chainstitch by Yuichi from Kaizoku Pirates (see measurements). My loss is your gain!

Tag size 34
Measurement’s BiG style
Waist: 36"
Front rise: 11,5"
Back rise: 15,75"
Thigh: 12,75"
Knee: 9,3"
Leg opening: 8,25"
Inseam: 36,5"

Asking price: 300 US-$ + Shipping!

Shins Craft 9801XX
This is very rare pair of jeans. They are supposed to have been sold at a small shop in Japan as an in-house brand. Rumors go they were manufactured by Denime (hence the “Shins” craft) but I have no evidence of this and I doubt it. Nevertheless, they are a very nice pair of repro jeans. They have beautiful Scovill rivets, a classic ‘50s silhouette, all the nice little repro details like hidden rivets, V-stitch, hidden coin pockets selvedge, red tab, Levi’s arcs, etc.
My favorite detail though has to be the leather patch!
The denim has a rather smooth surface which would remind me of sanforized denim but when I the initially soak, they shrank a fair amount. So a little bit shrinkage should still be left in the fabric.
As I wrote I soaked them once and wore them only a handful times so you won’t see any fading.
Tag size 34
Measurement’s BiG style
Waist: 34"
Front rise: 12,1"
Back rise: 16,5"
Thigh: 13,4"
Knee: 10"
Leg opening: 9"
Inseam: 33,75"

Asking price: 150 US-$ + Shipping!

Going, Going, Gone.... / Boots Sale - MOTO Pecos & Red Wings Engineers
« on: January 27, 2016, 12:39:31 pm »
Hello everybody!
Since I move I thought it would be a good opportunity to sell some stuff I might can live without (other stuff still to come).
So I took a look at my boots and shoes and found these 3 pairs I would like to sell to a lovely new place.
For sale are:
  • MOTO Pecos from Japan
    Red Wings 8268 (Japan Edition)
    Red Wings 2971

MOTO Pecos
These are a pair of MOTO boots made by hand in Japan (http://www.motostyle.jp/). They are the Peco-style in a brown CXL leather.
They are a size 2.
I haven't worn them more than 20 times. They are in a great condition. As it looks like they are not longer available from MOTO (or at least I haven't found them to be available anymore on their web-store).

Asking price is 300 US-$ + shipping

Red Wings 8268 Japan Edition
This is a pair of Red Wing Engineer Boots in the style #8268. They feature a rough out leather. This model was/is a Japan exclusive model (although they are available at some European Red Wing dealers too).
I dubbed them with Sno-Seal and wore them not a lot as you can see on the sole. The Leather has some indigo stains but that is hardly to avoid when wearing those boots with jeans.
They are a size US 9,5

Asking price is 150 US-$ + shipping!

Last but not least a pair of
Red Wings 2971
This is a pair of Red Wings #2971 with the Copper Rough & Tough leather. I have worn them for some months but they have a lots of life in them and the sole is still in a good condition. So you can still wear them for quite some time until they need a re-sole.
They are also a size US 9,5

Asking price is 70 US-$ + shipping

Hi guys,

my closet clean-up continues. So I still sort out lovely jeans from which I know, I won't give them the love/wear they deserve.
Up for sale today is a pair of Denime XX in size 34 from the McCoys (recent) era. I have worn them lightly for 6-7 weeks. You will notice some vague fading on the whiskers, seat area and crotch region (from moving) and a little more prominent wallet fade. The denim is quite stubborn and takes some time to show fades. The construction is great and much stronger compared to the old Denime eras. My 7-months worn Denime 66XX from McCoys have not a single broken thread. Not even at the yoke or backpockets! I expect the same hard wearing properties for this Denime XX.

The cut is a true vintage '50s repro but see the measurements:

Waist: 35"
Front rise: 12,25"
Back rise: 16,5"
Thigh: 13,25"
Knee: 9,5"
Leg opening: 8,75"
Inseam: 37,25"

Note, these haven been warm/hot soaked twice so they will get slimmer with a wash

On to the pics

120 € shipped!

Two more of my jeans for sale. I'm still trying to sort out jeans I can't wear as much as I would like (as they don't fit me the right way).

1. Full Count 1108XX Size 34

These feature the dark and heavy 15,5oz denim from Full Count. Made of 100% Zimbabwe cotton. This denim is darker than the regular 13,7oz denim and quite hairy. A really beautiful denim which is really comfortable to wear!
I wore this jeans for some weeks and they faded a bit in the whiskers and wallet fade. But still new enough to make them your own. There is one little damage. The chainstitch at the left hem is broken (pics attached). That is surely an easy fix.
I stopped wearing them, because they are too tight for me in the hip area.

Waist: 35,5"
Front Rise: 11,5"
Back Rise: 15,75"
Thigh: 12,5"
Knee: 9,25"
Leg Opening: 8,3"
Inseam: 35,6"

Broken Chainstitch

Asking Price:
100 € + shipping

For sale are two items. A pair of Warehouse 800 and a LVC denim shirt. Priced to sell.

1. Warehouse 800 Size 34
I bought these several years ago via proxy in one-wash condition. They have been worn a bit and machine washed once since. They arcuates are handpainted by myself with acrylic paint.
There are no real fades to speak of, expect around the hidden rivets. These have more than plenty of life left to set in your wear pattern. The WH denim is just incredible but the cut/fit didn't work for me. They have beautiful roping!

Waist: 35"
Front rise: 12"
Back rise: 16,5"
Thigh: 13"
Knee: 9,25"
Leg opening: 8,5"
Inseam: 34,75"

Judge for yourself

Asking 100€ + shipping

2. LVC 1955 Sawtooth Denim Shirt Size M
Bought some years ago from Cultizm. Came without tags.
They have been tried on 2 times and worn around the house but they are basically brand spanking new. Just too snug for me

Measurements (the IH way):

p2p: 21,5"
shoulder: just under 18"
back length: 30"
arm length: 24,5"

Asking 50€ + shipping

Going, Going, Gone.... / Samurai S0510XX and S510XX19oz size 34
« on: April 12, 2014, 10:13:07 am »
Hello all. I have two pairs of my collection for sale.

1. Samurai S0510XX size 34 Lot.12

These are from the last Lot with old style arcs. I bought them new, soaked and then machine washed them for max shrinkage. You will see they have a nice leg twist and already great roping. I didn't actually wear them more than 5 times. No fades, just some creases which can be erased easily.

Measurements raw/after wash
waist: 34,5 / 32 (now again @34-34,5")
front rise: 12 / 11,25
back rise: 16 / 15,5
thigh: 14 / 13,5
knee: 10,25 / 9,875
leg opening: 9,25 / 8,75
inseam: 38,5 / 36,5

My fit pic

As these are deadstock, I ask for 180€ plus shipping.

2. Samurai S510XX19oz size 34 Lot.10

These also feature the old style arcs but as it is the 19oz denim, the arcs are black. I bought them new from Yuichi in one-wash state. This way the are completely shrunk. I also didn't actually wear them more than 5 times. No fades, just some creases which can also be erased easily (soaking or ironing).

Measurements one-wash state
waist: 32 (waist is @34-34,5" now)
front rise: 11,5
back rise: 15,75
thigh: 13,375
knee: 9,5
leg opening: 8,5
inseam: 36

My fit pic

As these are deadstock, I ask for 180€ plus shipping.

Jeans are located in Germany. Contact me for shipping questions.

Going, Going, Gone.... / Samurai S5000VX Lot.12 Size 34
« on: May 05, 2013, 08:08:48 pm »
For sale is a BNWT pair of Samurai S5000VX Lot.12 in size 34.
They have never been worn, tried on, altered, soaked or whatever. Just like you would get them from a shop.

As they are from Lot.12 they have the old arcs and a red tab. All the bling-bling you want and is sadly gone now.

I bought them some years ago from 2ND in Japan


waist: 35"
front rise: 11,25"
back rise: 15"
thigh: 13,125"
knee: 10"
leg opening: 9,25"
inseam: 38"

I'm asking 250$ + shipping

Thank you for your interest!

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