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SOLD! IRON HEART x526J tagged 40(L) Extinct item.
Worn maybe 10 times. Condition is as new. 9,5/10. No stains or defects. This one has to go. No time to wear it. Sleeping too longtime in my closet.
Shoulders 18,5  Chest 21,4  Length 25. Arms 25,5.
Asking 250$//240$Shipping anywhere in the world is offer. Tracking nr offer.

SOLD! The Real McCoy’s Digger boots. Sized 9,5D. Worn too little. Being a Viberg & White’s addict these last years...
Condition 9/10. True to size. I am 9D with White’s. 8,5uk/9uk with Vibergs boots. Depend the last. 9D with the Alden Roy Boots. Real McCoy’s boots are amazingly and exceptionally well made. Top leather and construction. Zero defects of course. Difficult to beat it. Bought at Superdenim many years ago. Asking 350$. Shipping fees are for me. Very fair.just ask for more details

SOLD! Studio D’Artisan Sweatshirt loopwheeled indigo dyed. Tagged M. Amazing fabric & construction. Bought many years ago at BiG in NY. Worn too little to keep it. Condition 9/10.
Chest 22  Arms 24,6  Length 25  Shoulders 21.
Asking 130$120$. Shipping is offer.

SOLD! Real McCoy’s sweatshirt. Tagged M. kind of Red coral color. Loopwheeled. Fabric and construction are second to none. Worn so little, so it has to go. Condition is 9/10.
Chest 22  Shoulders 20  Arms 23  Length 24,5.
Asking 130$120$. Shipping is offer.

SOLD! Very rare & beautiful jeans from MF made many years a go. Vintage condition. Some damaged cuffing. It can be repaired or not. Your call. 8/10. Truly amazing well made jeans. Very nice fabric. Tagged 32. Selling because didn't worn it the last 3 years...
Length 34,3"
Waist 16"
Thigh 12,4
Asking 250$. 225$. Shipping + tracking offer

THE STRIKE GOLD WORK SHIRT. Tagged L. Very nice denim fabric. Chest 21,6 Shoulders 18,4 Length 28'5 Arms 24,8. Very high quality shirt. Very well made. Buttons very well stitched. Condition 9/10. Washed 2 times. Being thight for me. And bought recently the same shirt tagged XL.
Asking 150$. 125$. Worldwide shipping offer.

SOLD! Mister Freedom Buckaroos waist overalls. Full cut. Tagged 30. But waist is measured to 32". Thighs 12,2". Hem 9".
Condition is near new. 10 wears maybe...
Asking 250$. Shipping & tracking offer. Worldwide.

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Going, Going, Gone.... / IH-2526J tagged 40
« on: June 16, 2017, 11:20:30 am »
SOLD! Selling this jacket. Same story...too much...this beautiful jacket slept in my closet since too longtime. Worn maybe 10 times. Condition is 9,5/10. No stains or defects.
Shoulders 18,5 / Length 24 / Arms 25,5 / Chest 21,5
Asking 200$ shipped anywhere in the world. Tracking provided.

Just ask if you need infos or more pics.
Many thanks.

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Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH-08ss tagged L
« on: June 15, 2017, 09:10:25 pm »
Selling this unique heavy shirt. Have too much black shirt...Condition is 9/10. No stains or any defects.
Measured alla IHUK way:
Shoulders 17,5 / Chest 21 / Length 29,7 / Arms 26,4
Asking 150$. Shipping fees are for me ;)
Tracking nr will be provide. Safe for me and for you!

Just ask if you need more infos or pics ;)
Many thanks✌️

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Going, Going, Gone.... / MISTER FREEDOM N-1H TROY JACKET. Medium.
« on: September 02, 2016, 03:35:30 pm »
SOLD! Selling my  MF N-1 Troy deck jacket. Bought years a go at SESF. The jacket is near new. condition 9/10. Very little used. Very beautiful jacket. I have enough IH jacket...and i do not want to be a collector. So this jacket has to go.
Chest: 22"  Arms: 25,3  Shoulders: 18,2  Length: 26,7
Absolute no stains or defects. The wool cuff are intact. No tears or sign of use. Never washed.
Paid near 900$ for it. I let it go for 550$500usd460usd. Shipping & tracking is offer

Just pm me for more details. Thanks.

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Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH-107 Green Tagged L
« on: May 28, 2016, 07:55:53 pm »
Title is enough clear
Many thanks.

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Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH-67 (M)
« on: February 03, 2016, 07:04:39 pm »
SOLD! ALDEN PTB BOOTS. From Leather Soul Honolulu. exclusive model. Cordovan leather. Amazing and beautiful leather. Size 9US. UK8,5. 42,5/43EU. Color #8. build on barrie last. retail for 700usd+. worn one full day. no more. no marks or whatever. condition 9,5/10. standard width D.
Asking 550usd.495usd. I offer shipping and tracking. It means 60usd...

SOLD! IHSH-67. Tagged M. Worn 4 or 5 times. Washed 4 or 5 times.;) no stains or defects. Very nice fabric. pure white color. condition 9/10. Chest 20,6 Shoulders 17,2 Arms 24,7 Length 28,4. Asking 140usd. 130usd. 120usd. Shipping is offer.

SOLD! Real McCoy white tee. Tagged 38. Equivalent small IH tee. Washed 2 or times. Shrinkage is definitively done. Beautiful fabric. No stains or defects. Chest 18,5 Shoulders 16,5 Length 26.
Asking 50usd.

SOLD! FLAT HEAD 1001. Tagged 33. New condition. Bought from a forum member. No defects or stains. Worn it few hours at home. Condition is 9,9/10. Waist measured post washed at 32,2. Thighs 12,1. Inseam 35,2. FR 10,2. BR 14. Hem 8,5. Asking 150usd. Shipping & tracking offer. Shrinkage is done. Soaked and gently washed.

SOLD! IHV-02 IND. WABASH. Tagged M. Worn 10-15 times. No sign of wear. Zero defects or stains. Chest 20,2 Front Length 23,9 Back Length 20,5. Asking 160usd 145usd! Shipping is offer.

SOLD/TRADED! IHSH-07. Tagged M. Condition 9/10. No defects. No stains. Worn a a little. Shirt being tight. Me being not tight...
Chest 21,4. Opening 21. Arms 25,6. Shoulders 17,4. Length 28,9. Asking 130$ 120usd! Shipping is offer.

SOLD! IHSH-13. Tagged M. Condition 9/10. Zero stains or defects. Same story as the 07... Worn a little.
Chest 21. Opening 20,6. Arms 25. Shoulders 17,2. Length 28,5. Asking 130$. Shipping offer.

SOLD! IHSH-33. Tagged M. Condition 8,5/10. Washed & worn. Zero defects or stains. Same issue...
Chest 20,8. Opening 20,4. Arms 25. Shoulders 17,1. Length 28,7.
Asking 130$. Shipping offer.

SOLD! IHSH-49. Tagged M. Condition 9/10. Worn and washed 3 times. Beautiful denim indigo. Cotton flannel lining. Extinct model. Chest 21" Shoulders 17,3 Length 29" Arms 25". Has some stretch in. zero stains or defects. Asking 170usd. Shipping is offer. Anywhere in the world.

SOLD! Mister Freedom boating jersey. Tagged L. Beautiful cotton fabric. Has some stretch in. Washed & worn 1 time. No defects or stains. Condition 9,5/10. Chest 21,5". Length 28". Asking 100usd. Shipping offer.

SOLD! The Real McCoys sweatshirt grey. Tagged L. Washed maybe 3 times. No defects or stains. Condition 9/10. Solid and soft fabric. Impressive. Boxy fit. Chest 24" Length 25". Asking 100usd.

SOLD! IHSH-35. Tagged M. Classic herringbone fabric from Iron Heart. Extinct model. Washed maybe 2 or 3 times. Condition 9/10. No defects or stains. Chest: 21,6" shoulders: 17,6" length: 29" arms: 24,7. Asking 150usd. Shipping is offer. Anywhere in the world.

SOLD! IH-9526V tagged 36. Medium meas. New condition. Worn 5 times maybe. A shame. Chest 20,8 Length 23,6. Asking 170$.150usd. Shipping offer.

SOLD! IH-2526J modified in vest. Tagged 38. Medium meas. New condition. Worn maybe 5 times. Chest 20,7" Length 23". Asking 170$.150usd. Shipping offer.

SOLD!Type III IH-6526J tagged 38. True medium. Color beige. Fabric...14oz corduroy. Soft and not heavy fabric. Windproof. Very beautiful. Chest:21,3 Shoulders:17,5 Length:25 Arms:26 Opening:19,7. 10 wears max. maybe. condition 9,5/10.
Asking 200$. shipping & tracking offer. i can consider of course a trade with this same jacket tagged L(40). thanks.

SOLD! IH-6634 green/olive. Tagged 32. Tried few hours at home. Beautiful corduroy fabric. Waist measured at 31,5" Thighs at 12,1 Front rise at 10,4 Back rise at 14,6 Hem at 8,5 Inseam at 34,5.condition is 10/10. Asking 215usd-200usd. Asking now 150usd Shipping worldwide offer.

SOLD! FH Houndstooth workshirt red/black. Tagged 42. New. Amazing soft and heavy fabric. Chest measured at 20,7 Shouders 18,5 Arms 25,5 Length 28,3. Asking 215usd-200usd. Shipping worldwide offer.

SOLD! FH 1001 tagged 30. Worn around the 20+ condition 9/10. No defects, stains or creases. Measures are: waist 31, thighs 11,3, length 35, hem 7,4.
Asking 180$. Asking now 150usd. Shipping & tracking worldwide is offer.
Just ask for more details. Thanks!

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Going, Going, Gone.... / Atelier la Durance * Self Edge *
« on: January 20, 2016, 12:16:01 pm »
Selling some very nice shirts being too thight for me. Zero defects or stains. Take care of my stuff. My closet is being thight also...
Shipping & tracking is offer. I pay for it.

SOLD! SKULL JEANS 5010XX tagged 30. Jeans has maybe 20/30 wears. bought many years ago at SESF. This one is from the first generation. Texas cotton. Cut is golden! very IH666 style...
Waist 15,5". Thighs 11,2". Front rise 10,1". Back rise 13,9. Inseam 36". Hem 7,5".
Jeans has been washed. i think the shrinkage is done.
asking 130usd. shipping & tracking is offer.

ATELIER LA DURANCE Railroad coat. Tagged M. New. Indigo cotton duck fabric. Impressive construction and fabric, i have to say. Many nice details. Chest 21,5 Arms 26 Shoulders 17,2 Length 28,4. Asking 120$.
asking 80usd.

SELF EDGE. Made in SF. Tagged M. Cone denim fabric. Indigo Dyed. Worn and washed a lot these years. Great shape. High quality. Vintage objet. Chest 21.,2 Shoulders 18,3 Length 26,2 Arms 24,6
Asking 60usd shipped anywhere in the world.

SELF EDGE. Tagged S. Made in SF. Black/gray cone denim fabric. Worn & washed a lot. Vintage objet. Chest 20,5 Shoulders 18 Length 26 Arms 24,5.
Asking 60usd shipped anywhere in the world.

SOLD! IHSH-112. The Paisley! Indigo discharged. A beauty of fabric. 3/4 washes. Condition 9/10.

SOLD! IHSH-80 tagged L. Indigo discharged. lovely fabric. 10 wears around. Washed 2 times. Condition 9/10. Asking 140$. Chest:21,2 Shoulders:17,8 Length:29 Arms:25.

SOLD! Atelier la Durance flannel. Nice fabric. Very soft. Very good quality. Washed 4/5 times. Condition 9/10.
Chest:20,9 length: 27,4 shoulders:17,1 arms:24,5. Asking 70usd.50usd.

SOLD! Studio D'Artisan work shirt. Tagged M. Cotton twill. Limited product. Bought at BiG years ago. Really pissed to not fit it anymore. Really. Condition 9/10. Asking 130$.110usd. 50usd.
Chest:20,3 Arms:24 Shoulders:17,2 Length:27,6

SOLD! Engineered Garments work shirt. Green chambray. Not new but not worn a lot. Condition 9/10. Zero defects or stain. Stitching buttons are perfect.
Chest: 21,5 shoulders: 17,2 length: 28,5 arms: 24,7. Asking 50$.

SOLD! Samurai Jeans work shirt. Amazing gauze+chambray fabric. Bought in Japan years ago. Not new but really near. 9/10.
Chest: 21,5 shouders: 17,5 length: 27,5 arms: 25,5. Asking 100$.

SOLD!Real McCoy wabash workshirt. Amazing piece. And fabric! Construction and small details are second to none. Worn & washed several times. Zero defects or stains. 9/10.
Chest: 21,5 shoulders: 17,2 length: 27,5 arms: 24,2. Asking 120$.

SOLD! SelfEddge shirt. Produced years ago in SF. White oak cone denim. Beautiful. New. No wears. Tagged M. Soaked once. 10/10. Asking 110$. 90usd. 70usd. Chest:20,6 Arms:25 Shoulders:18,4 Length:26,7

SOLD! Kth Workers shirt. Made by a talentuous dude in Japan. Takashi-san. His classic, the polka dot. Tagged 15,5. Medium. Condition 9/10. Asking 100$. 80usd. 70usd. Chest:20,6 Arms:24,3 Shoulders:17,2 Length:27,4

SOLD!IHB-01 Brown. Size M. Very little used. Let it go for 100usd. 80usd. Shipping included.
Contact me if you need more details. I do not bite. Thanks folks.

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Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH-88 Tagged M
« on: January 07, 2016, 12:18:50 pm »
Selling these 2 medium Iron Heart beautiful shirt. I am the first and only owner. 4/5 wears. Washed maybe 2 times. No defects or stains. Take care of my stuff. Condition 9/10. Being too tight for me.
Asking 150$ for each. Shipping & tracking is offer. I pay for.

Chest 21,1 - arms 24,6 - shoulders 17,2 - length 28,3


Chest 21,2 - arms 24,8 - shoulders 17,4 - length 28,5

Thanks for your interest.

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Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD! Real McCoys herringbone workshirts
« on: January 05, 2016, 12:35:54 pm »
Selling 2 RMC/Joe Mcoy heavy herringbone cotton twill. Tagged 16. Navy and the khaki/olive one. 3 or 4 wears. Washed 2 times. Fabric is amazing. But was in raw state... Too short for me, now... My bad. Zero stains or defects. Condition 9/10. Freshly washed. Construction is second to none. Buttons are still hardly stitched. Asking 120usd.for each. I pay for the shipping. Anywhere in the world. Fair amount. Ask me for more details.

The navy one:
Chest:22" - arms:24,2" - centar back:27,5" - shoulders:18"

The khaki/olive one:
Chest:21,8 - arms:24,4 - center back:27,4 - shoulders:17,7


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Going, Going, Gone.... / IH-666s tagged 30 * STRIKE GOLD 1105 Tagged 30
« on: December 01, 2015, 07:30:04 pm »
Selling 2 great bottoms being too tight for my legs. These are in perfect used condition. No holes, stains or whatever.
The Momotaro has been renforced and hemmed professionally at The Denim Doctors.
Both fabrics and construction of these jeans are amazing.

Asking 120usd each. Shipping & tracking is offer.

Momotaro Vintage 0701 SOLD

The Strike Gold 1105. Measurements :
Waist 32" / Thighs 11,2" / FR 9,9" / BR 13,9 / Inseam 35,5" / Knees 8" / Hem 7,9"

The 666 has been hemmed, repaired and renforced at IHJP.
Measurements of the IH-666s : Waist 32" / Thighs 11" / FR 9,9" / BR 14,1" / Hem 7,5 / Inseam 33" /

Just ask if you need more details or pictures.
Many thanks.

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Going, Going, Gone.... / IH-666XHS 25oz Tagged 30.
« on: September 08, 2015, 05:48:11 pm »
SOLD! Selling my beloved XHS. I gave a last try today and no chance to make it anymore. Very frustrate. C'est la vie...
Beast have been washed 2 times. Beast is still very dark. With some electric indigo fades. Very beautiful.
None repair needed. Beast has a lot to give!
Asking 200$/170$/150$.
Shipped & tracking worldwide is offer!
Waist 31,2"
Thighs 11"
F. Rise 10"
R. Rise 14,2"
Hem 7,5"
Inseam 35"
You need more details or pictures? Ask me!

SOLD! IHSH-08ss tagged M. Hand washed 2 times. Near the new condition. 9.5/10. 16oz of Superblack denim. A beautiful beast. Zero defects. I take care of my stuff. Measures are post wash.
Shoulders 17" - Chest 41,5 - Length 29" - Arms 25.8 -
Asking 150usd. Shipping & tracking are offer! Anywhere in the world.

Many thanks

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Going, Going, Gone.... / Samurai S003 JP • Flat Head SE05BSP •
« on: August 04, 2015, 08:09:49 pm »
Selling two bottoms. Slim fit. Bought many years ago. I do not fit both anymore...pissed i am! The denim from both is fantastic.
I am asking 130usd. Each. shipping is offer.
These has been repaired & renforced recently in SELA. Fantastic job done.
If you need more infos, details or pictures, just ask me.

The Samurai 003JP


The Flat Head SE05BSP


Many thanks!!

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Going, Going, Gone.... / IH-634S-WHITE 30 NEW. FLAT HEAD Shirt 40.
« on: May 20, 2015, 08:01:41 pm »
Selling this 634S White paraffin and coated. Tagged 30. SOLD!
Measured two times as IHUK does and measurements are exactly the same as here:
The jeans is totally new. Zero wears. No defect, stains or whatever. Condition 10/10. Bought it 18 months ago from Japan.
Coming to conclusion, i will never wear it.
I will let it go for 200$. Shipping & tracking included in this amount

Many thanks!

Selling a FH Shirt. Black Mint series.
Tagged 40. Measures are: Chest 21'5" / Shoulders 18,75" / Length 27'5" / Arms 24" /
Bought it many years ago at SESF. Fabric is truly amazing. Somekind of silk flannel very light. Very breathable. 100% cotton. Unique fabric. Washed maybe 8 times. Zero defects. Condition 8'5/10. I take care of my stuff.
Asking 80usd. Shipping is offer. Anywhere in the world. SOLD!

Here is the shirt pictured at SESF:

Selling my Duck Canvas from Studio D'Artisan. Tagged 30. Very solid and nice fabric. Universal Kentucky zipper. Bought at Blue in Green. Washed 3 or 4 times. Ingen crotch or any defects. Condition 8,5/10.
Measures are: Waist 30" / FR 10,5" / BR 14,5 / Inseam 34,5" / Hem 8" /
Asking 100$. Shipping & tracking is offer. A fair amount i think. SOLD!

Many thanks!

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Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH-72 Red/Black L
« on: May 19, 2015, 04:14:22 pm »
Selling my 72. UHF Buffalo Check. Has maybe 4 or 5 wears.
The measurements are here and correct:
Shirt has not been washed. Shirt is clean. I take care of my stuff. I can wash it if you want. No stains or holes, or whatever. Condition 9,5/10.
Asking 250usd. Shipping and tracking is include in this amount
anywhere in the world

Many thanks folks!

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Going, Going, Gone.... / IH 666's OD Tagged 32
« on: April 08, 2015, 07:58:08 pm »
IH666 tagged 32. Wear it maybe around 15 times and gently washed. Condition 9/10.
Measured alla IHUK :
Waist 30" / Tighs 10,6" / Inseam 33,5" / FR 9,6" / RR 13,7" / Hem 7,5"
Before the gently washing at 30c. waist was measured at 32". The beast can be stretched.
Asking 150usd. Via paypal. Shipping tracked is offer. Anywhere in the world.

Need more infos. Pictures. Just ask me.
Thanks for looking people.

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