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Going, Going, Gone.... / Strike Gold 1101 W 36 L 32 1/2 $175.00
« on: June 18, 2011, 03:36:18 am »

Strike Gold 1101 W 36 L 32 1/2  $225.00
$200.00  $175.00
soaked &  hung dry. worn but unharmed
paypal 4% or as a gift
USPS s&h cost contingent upon location

Going, Going, Gone.... / 804 34X30 black price drop $175.00 USD
« on: June 18, 2011, 03:21:23 am »

17" waist
10 1/2" front rise
13 1/4" thigh
10" knee
14 1/2" rear rise
9 1/2" hem

asking $200.00 USD  $175.00 USD
payment paypal plus 4% or as a gift
USPS s&h pricing available upon request (general estimation conus $15.00 tracked & insured abroad $25.00)

up for grabs a gorgeous pair of 702s for the low, low price of $175.00 USD

asking $150.00
paypal only payment accepted 4% or as a gift
s&h USPS pricing available upon request

The Archives / pic-less-what-are-you-wearing (non ih edition)
« on: June 10, 2011, 04:02:17 pm »
no camera, no Iron Heart, no problem.
i saw a need for a pictureless waywt thread for those of us with out access to a camera of any kind.  to let everyone play along i thought it only fair to fit the needs of all on the forum.
here's my first post:
overdyed skivvies sized down one to make my junk look stunning -not sure of the brand-, one orange striped sock with the individual toe things like gloves -by goldtoe-  & the other foot is sockless with some tough acting foot spray being applied while i type this -generic overthe counter spray- & a white tank top with a single grape juice stain -by hanes-. .  . no bacon neck for me
 :) :) :) 

« on: May 24, 2011, 08:10:08 pm »
Since Memorial Day is almost upon us here in the States & one of our own has recently lost a close family member, I thought it fitting we show some solidarity & wear our Black IronHeart Shirts/Tees/Sweat Parkas on Friday May 27, 2011

*The two day lead gives all a chance to do laundry & get on board.  Let's show some love & do it the stubborn way.

monday on a Tuesday

Jackets / SEXIH07IIIBK = Type III Modified Jacket (Long)
« on: April 16, 2011, 12:18:02 am »
SEXIH07IIIBK = Type III Modified Jacket (Long)

Unsanforized 19oz Indigo Selvedge Denim
Garmented Dyed w/ Black Fugitive Pigment Dye
3x1 Weave Right Hand Twill
Zimbabwe Cotton
Selvedge Inner Placket Detail
Hand Pocket Slits
Poly Thread Stitch
Super-Duper-Thick Leather Tag
Designed by Diesel
Type III Jacket Body (Body Lengthened By 2")
This jacket has been overdyed black with a fugitive pigment dye which is an unstable and un-permanent dye that fades to later show the indigo denim underneath. Essentially this is a denim that begins black and fades to indigo in high friction areas, or what the Japanese call the "atari" fade. This particular model is what we feel the most original and exciting fabric we've ever put into a jacket. Iron Heart released a set of overdyed jeans (using their flagship 21oz sanforized denim) four years ago, those turned out to be some of the best looking worn jeans we've ever seen from the few people that got their hands on a pair, we expect these to look even better considering what's underneath the dye.

A heavyweight unsanforized denim which for the first time ever from Iron Heart ages with extreme contrast and great character that rivals the best Japanese denim available today.

Disclaimer: This jacket is made of unsanforized denim that has been overdyed, these will NOT shrink at all once washed due to the overdye process which gets rid of all the shrinking that may take place. Please keep this in mind when choosing your size.

**all lifted from selfedge, photos may be changed at a later date to better represent the above product  ;)

Just finished doing some spring cleaning & came across a few items that really should be in good homes.  I'm just putting up a few rough shots until I can get actual detailed listings up for each item.   

large maharishsi hoodie, who needs minimum branding, this is an incredible piece that you have
to see & feel to respect asking $100.00 $75.00

on the left Dave&Lewis motorcycle shirt size 42 asking $125 $100.00 on the right Mister Freedom Indigo Chambray Utility Shirt XL asking SOLD

SEXIH07 BK 36 & unhemmed or touched by the elements pending something

free bee 461 non-selvedge worn a few times but relatively unscathed $250 $225

here's another look

3sixteen SL-100x - Straight Leg Indigo Selvedge worn a few times 36w 32 1/2 inseam $125
3sixteen SL-200x - Straight Leg Black Selvedge  never worn 36w 32 3/4 inseam SOLD
Strike Gold SG1101 Jean - Straight Leg soaked & worn but unharmed 36 W 32  inseam $250 $225

feel free to pm me with any questions, concerns, or gripes related to any of the items listed above
& i will do my best to get back to you in a timely fashion.

thanks all for looking & stay stubborn

**Oficial Sales threads going up on May 1, 2011.  Get at me before anyone else notices these rare & inexpensive gems :)

added a few epics to jump start this thing  ;) & slashed a few prices

You all know the story so I will save the EPIC write-up.  Retail $450.00 willing to let these beauties go for 10% below retail at $405.00 $380.00. The devil is in the details, so here goes, US size 9D will ship anywhere, but only accept paypal plus 4% transaction fee.  As long as I can secure shipping under $25.00 insured I will ship these to you free. 

I think the pictures show, but if we had smell-o-vision you would be able to smell the crisp leather.  These are double-boxed and ready to go to a good home.   

Thanks for looking.

Shirting / IHSH-38 Flannel Check Work Shirts
« on: February 22, 2011, 03:43:37 pm »

Shirting / IHSH-37 - Spring Weight Mini Herringbone Check Western Shirt
« on: February 02, 2011, 02:33:53 am »


Here are all the details, size 42 Mister Freedom MF Deck Jacket measurements are as follows:
Chest 48.5   
Vertical Length   27.8   
Sleeve Length   26.0   
Shoulder Width   19.5   
You know what this is.  retails between  $ 870.00  & $ 850.00 yours for $650.00 & I'll handle s&h within the conus.

**if abroad please feel free to PM me & we can work out reasonable s&h -split cost or if you are are frequent poster I might just pick up the tab you are spending  $650 bucks after all-

this is only going until next Tuesday, February 8, 2011 & than this deal is out of here

only accept paypal as a gift, unless you have a quicker way for me to get that bread :-X
thanks for looking

[/glow]2 more members until 300, in honor of this event i would like to get in the giving spirit -like some of the elder statesman of the forum- & offer up the below brand new with no tags :O) in a size 42:

more images & full description can be found here:


here are the rules -yeah always rules-
respond with an interest - i'll place all names in a new era & pull out a winner -winner handles s&h through paypal  i'm in NY so u can price before u contact me if u like- . . . oh one catch,  in order to qualify u must contribute -before contacting me- at the least two photos wearing IH gear to IH edition WAYWT & comment on at least one post (besides this one) with a comment with more than three letters (sorry WTF doesn't cut it) my only regret is I didn't have an IH item i'm willing to part with to "donate" :O)   

but u get it 2 & 1 like 21 like the denim weight, i know, i know i'm such a huge geek   

happy posting, will close this once i get 21 folks with an interest or by the time we hit 300 members (so hurry perfect summer weight, blah, blah, blah)   

Both are brand new just unfortunately too small for me.  Willing to let the uncommon pair go for $300.00 USD & I'll handling shipping & handling. Will break up the set for the following prices:

The Flat Head shirt: $150.00 USD
Iron Heart shirt: $230.00 USD

Either way this is a real bargain & I wouldn't even sell the items but I'm trying to raise cash to buy the following:

If you need more photos or any additional information feel free to contact me. Any serious, interested parties contact me & I'll try to respond within 24hrs.


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