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General Chat / Re: Grooming and Hygiene
« on: October 18, 2012, 05:04:28 am »
Hello all ,

I'm sure most guys hate shaving , well I switched to a brush , safety razor , bowl and cream or soap-
around 3 years ago . Never regretted it . The last year , I learnt how to use a straight razor ,
takes patience and discipline , but feels brilliant when you get it right .

Unfortunately I broke my left elbow last week , so no straights for a while .




Buying and Selling / Re: Recent Purchases
« on: October 16, 2012, 05:27:37 am »
omg, i'm jealous ???. just sold my iphone to get a htc hero (cause the milestone/droid is just too expensive). but yeah, custom firmwares will be released very soon for it as it's the best android phone until now. how much did you pay for it?

I've got    a Samsung Galaxy ( my first smart phone ) , so far works well and does what
I need. Not on,a contract , just month to month . Wife is on too and she brought her Iphone
back from Japan - we pay almosr $60 / month for both phones .

We kept our landline , cheap to have and free local calls . I find whenever you have to
phone,a company,gov't etc..and your on hold , it's nice not to be using up minutes.



General Chat / Three shirts from my collection
« on: October 16, 2012, 05:05:48 am »

 Here are three shirts from my vault .


First one is a chambray by Selfedge . Second is a very low price ($20), from Sears...
stop laughing ! I liked the design and white snap buttons and for 20 dollars...why not .

The last is a Flathead Houndstooth red flannel shirt .

Hoping to post some denim pictures later as well.



Yeah you're right: even surface mail is tracked. It's not updated when the item's on the ship, but I think your receipt will serve as proof for Paypal if the need be (worst case scenario).

Anyhow: good luck with the sale.

Thanks for pointing that out . Here's a funny story , ordered an item off Ebay , never got it .
Seller claimed it was delivered and signed for , called me a liar. So I checked the tracking
numbers from seller's country and then here in Canada. Seller was right , but it got delivered
to someone on the east coast , l'm on the west coast . Did a Paypal dispute , my funds were returned.
Probably wrong address put on it .


If you consider using surface mail, do let your buyer know how long that can take, or you'll have a Paypal fraude claim to deal with more than likely...

Lately Canada Post has a tracking number for most levels of shipping , of course
if the buyer prefers a speedier service - i'm flexible.



Price drop to $135 Cdn , with shipping - unless you want it shipped ridiculously fast !



Hello all,

I have a Flathead Chambray western style shirt for sale . It is a size 42 and beige in colour.
Never been washed and worn less than six times. Asking $150 Canadian shipped .

The shirt :


Please see the link for actual measurements :


Cheers ,



Edinburgh, Vancouver and Kagoshima, three interesting cities there mate. Look forward to hearing/ seeing more from you.

Kagoshima is the former home of Saigo Takamori isn't it?

So desu ne ! Saigo san , well done .



Hello everyone ,

I'm formerely from Edinburgh , Scotland and now call Vancouver, Canada and Kagoshima,Japan home.

I own two pairs of IH jeans and various other brands .

I brpke my left elbow last week and just came home from surgery  . Will post photos  ,  when i'm in less
pain .

Looking forward to contributing .



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