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Thx hajduk for the info! 59 is SOLD.

Going, Going, Gone.... / All sold, please delete.
« on: January 01, 2019, 11:06:52 pm »
Samurai 710 24oz. 33, unhemmed.

Some initial creasing and fading, roping around the hem, and some loose stitching around the pockets, but otherwise in great shape and just starting to break in. Not sure that I want to sell these because they’re impossible to get, but I have the opportunity to size up so I though I’d see if there are any takers. $250 shipped CONUS.

Waist: 17”
FR: 10.5
BR: 14.5
Inseam: 35
Hem: 8”

Iron Heart Hombre Check Western Flannel XL w/silver threads

If anyone knows the IHSH # of this shirt, please let me know. It’s a unique and beautiful lighter flannel fabric that actually has silver threads woven into it, although the silver doesn’t show up in the photos. The shirt also has unique smoke-colored snaps. Worn a few times and hand washed once, no flaws or wear. Unfortunately a size too big for me, but I’d trade for IH shirts in L. $SOLD shipped CONUS

P2P: 22”
Shoulder: 18.5”
Sleeve: 26”
Back: 30”


Buying and Selling / Re: Heroes (Buying/ Selling/Trading)
« on: August 26, 2018, 04:19:48 am »
@zcchen2 and his buddy came and bought my Buzz Deck Jacket. Nice guys, smooth transaction.

Samurai's are sold

Added IHJ-46 Size 40/L

PBJ, Flathead, and RMC T's are all sold. Lowered prices on the PBJs and Sami's, removed sold items. Always interested in trades!

Sugar Cane Type III is sold. Removed sold items from OP.

526L and Flathead jeans are sold. Added Flathead, Real McCoy's & PBJ T-shirts: https://www.grailed.com/gfarina55

IHJ-46 Brown Canvas Duck Type III 40/L. Some minor creasing and signs of wear, but overall great condition with no flaws. $225

21.5 P2P
18” Shoulder (across back)
24.5 Back length (from collar seam to bottom)
26” Sleeve


Pure Blue Japan XX-013-VTG 14.5oz. size 34, unhemmed. This is PBJ's new VTG/Vintage denim and it is AWESOME. In the same vein as Flathead's vertically-fading denim, and photos don't do it justice. These have one hot soak and only a few wears...slight wallet mark and slight creasing behind the knees, but near-new. PBJs taper just doesn't work for an old man like me. Would trade for XX-005s in 34. $175 $160

Waist: 17”
Thigh: 11.5 from bartack, 12” IH style
Front rise: 9.75”
Back rise: 14”
Knee: 8”
Hem: 7.75”
Inseam 35”


SAMURAI JEANS 711VX 17oz. Zero Denim 32w. Some wear, fades and creases, but these have been well cared for and are just starting to gain some character. sold

17 w
9.25 fr
14 br
8.5 kn
7.5 hem
36 inseam


More photos here: https://www.grailed.com/gfarina55

I'm always interested in trades for IH shirts (Large), Real McCoy's gear (usually 32-33w bottoms, 16/42 tops), and Samurai, Full Count, IH, PBJ, Flathead, Strike Gold denim. (32-34w depending on the cut, at least 33L). Shipping on all items is $12 CONUS. I will ship internationally but I only go to the post office once, so I take a deposit, provide a receipt, and refund the difference.

Seriously, this is still here? I'd kill for an L. Had an XL and aside from being too big, it was one of the best garments I've ever owned.

Removed sold items and updated original thread.

Flathead Belt and Strike Gold 2105s are both sold.

PM sent on the 666s.

Added IH/Self-Edge 301S-14, and the S003JPs are spoken for.

Hmm...already have a 21 which is quite similar. Let me ponder and see what develops.

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