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Iron Heart Meet Ups & Travel / Re: Iron Heart Meetups
« Last post by cander49 on Today at 08:11:11 am »
Anyone going to Oktoberfest or have a schedule that matches my European travels? I'l be in Brussels Sept 12-13, Berlin Sept 14-16, Stockholm 17-19, Brussels again Sept 20-23, and Munich Sept 24-25.
Thanks, @Dion . @Max Power , fits looks good. What's the black and white shirt with red stripe near the right of your photo?
Buying and Selling / Re: IHSH-196 XL, IHSH-129 XL, IHJ-46 XXL
« Last post by manufc10 on Today at 07:28:51 am »
Green IHSH-129 added.
Thanks everyone!!!

@bryaneidins70 yep they’re the standard soles just stained by Hawaiian red dirt.

@Matty123 brah da wata ono!

@Cole it’s a miracle you survived 😱 Just the mean glares alone from a comment like that can kill a person
Great look Ed.

The jeans and boots look really nice  8)

the dogs not too impressed though  :D
Thanks Bryan. If it isn’t food they couldn’t care less

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It's those little details that are part of the reason I and others love Iron heart especially when you consider the high price of iron heart. The flat head has little details like the stamped custom-made brass buckles on the belts and boots. Stamping their logo into their belts and not just using a gold ink stamp that wears off. Sounds petty I know.
Thanks @Dion!

Tightened em up. Gotta say these are my faves...along with all other IH stuff 😅

Buying and Selling / Re: IHSH-196 XL, IHJ-46 XXL
« Last post by manufc10 on Today at 06:20:00 am »
Sale pending on IHSH-196. 
Buying and Selling / Re: IHXB01, 666S-18 Vintage, 666S-14 size 33
« Last post by xtcclassic on Today at 05:11:13 am »
666S-14 size 33
I doubt these have more than 30 wears. Almost no fading, two washes.

$125 shipped CONUS

Waist 33.5”
Thigh 11.9”
Hem 8.25”
Inseam 31.7”

General Chat / Re: Unpopular opinions
« Last post by louisbosco on Today at 04:52:51 am »
depends what kind of baked goods you're talking about..
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