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hot as all hell out with the humidity
ih western, AA printed t shirt, oh no lots, and black tea core redwing moc toes

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@motojobobo Dreamer belongs to the woman who owns the farm we keep Nola at. They got her when she was just 2 years old and she is 19 now. She has some health issues but if we take the proper precautions, she is rideable and very gentile.  She is a "Rocky Mountain" Horse breed. She is free for me to "lease" until we find a horse for me to buy of my own.

regarding your outfit today, though it's in the photo, there is nothing close to "trash" about what you have going on there.
Buying and Selling / Re: Heroes (Buying/ Selling/Trading)
« Last post by hajduk on Today at 05:18:23 pm »
Many many thanks to @Aries !!
So easy transaction! Not the first one! But a pleasure as always! 8)
How is Dreamer coming along @jordanscollected ? Gentle horse?

Missed your earlier comment @Boras , that is my faithful 1997 diesel Defender. I love it but his appearance and upkeep don’t show it. I keep promising I’ll get him a thorough workover soon…full paint and upholstery job. Most likely 2022 though.

Cheers @jock1624 ; never thought about the disconnect between visual background and the written message. Something more to worry about… :'( :'(

Less chilly today, unfortunately.

IHSB WJ brown Blattwerk horsehide
IH 1501
PIH5DCS 25 oz double indigo
IHxVB roughout hikers


Someone recently wondered about what this Blattwerk leather looks like IRL; I think the first pic is closer to the real thing.
The Resource Centre / Re: Shrinkage - What is it?
« Last post by Filthy on Today at 04:41:58 pm »
I was surprised to find out that I was able to shrink a pair of once washed 822/ 21 oz denim a full half inch in the waist by soaking in boiling water. I am reheating the water now to go for a second soak.

Waist before was a 19.2 and after an hour was 18.6 ???

@Chris that's a pretty awesome Father's day gift 😍
General Chat / Re: Macro Shots of Iron Heart Gear
« Last post by Filthy on Today at 03:30:11 pm »
I kind of like these fake macro shots I took this morning. Not really macros but this phone does great depth of field.
In the Father's Day spirit, here's mine- the rondels (which came directly from GAH) are for my two kids, Ben and Caroline.
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