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General Chat / Re: Guilty Pleasures...
« Last post by sabergirl on Today at 01:31:45 am »
Well, that all depends on how one spends their evenings, eh?

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General Chat / Re: Random Announcements
« Last post by sabergirl on Today at 01:30:54 am »
Hell yeah! Glad to see the smirk of victory. Rest up

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This is really fun, Rueben! I’m terrible at waywt, but I’ll be following along even if I don’t get my shit together.

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My 305 is totally a “Christmas present”, but I will be wearing that ish right away. We don’t stand on ceremony around here

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Shirting / Re: IHSH-305-RED - 13oz Heavy Solid Flannel CPO Shirt - Red
« Last post by sabergirl on Today at 12:45:09 am »
Once you have a shirt with pockets, you’ll never want it otherwise!

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@orion213 Neph always gives the best advice.  I tend to agree with him about the western cut for you but understand liking the work shirt. 
My humble 2 cents are the shoulders look a bit wide & I don't think you'll be able to get much shrink there.  You could probably size down IMHO.
They appear to be very washed so I didn't think it was necessary to bother :D

Fear Naught baseball tee
Tenue de Nimes belt
@fanya - what an incredible set of fades.  makes we want to fast forward a few years & see what your slubs look like then

@Anesthetist - fit is on point bro

@Filthy - im nearly let down we didnt get to see you boil these 🤣

@Fadez - That IHJ-97 is look'n FLY, makes me want to snap up the last L.  Perfect shade of green.  Thats brilliant how youre wearing it over a UHF
I agree with @neph93 that a wash will probably give the shirt a little more defined a fit, which sounds like what you're after.  I would also agree that the work cut is more responsible for the more relaxed fit than the actual size.  I have two work shirts but a lot of Westerns, since I'm a small guy (5'6") and the work doesn't fit my frame as good.  You e got yourself a great shirt, though, I'm sure I'll be kicking myself for not grabbing one
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