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Here Here!
Indigofera Copeland
Freenote Parker

My mother bought me the sweater at Vater & Sohn, but the colour looks weird on me.
Wanna trade it for a black sweater, the same or something like Buzz Rickson and stuff like that. Faded black is cool too, can re-colour in my washing machine. Just hit me up!!

Length 29“, rib cuffs included!!!!!
P2P 21.8“

Traditional 1950's style gym sweatshirt
Fits true to size, pre-shrunk
98/2 Cotton/Poly classic fleece
1” neck rib with ¼” coverstitch
Classic double-V construction
Split needle coverstitch on all seams
Classic 4” sleeve cuff and body rib

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No school like the old school.
Buying and Selling / Re: FS UES Jeans Lot 400R Size 36 new cond.
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Very good news! Thanks a ton, team!
Footwear / Re: Converse
« Last post by Dion on Today at 01:04:43 pm »
Aaand they're here:

And they look brilliant. The colour is a very nice brown/burgundy mix. I like it quite a lot.



White rubber sole this time.

All in all I'm very happy with them. To my surprise they are even more comfortable than the usual CT 70s because the footbed is much softer and cushy than on old 70 iterations. I did some research and it seems all new editions have this (even more) padded footbed which is brilliant. You can spot the new releases by the sewn-on CT patch on the canvas models contrary to the printed one on the old ones.

Old (coloured):

New (note the added ''70''):
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