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Spring/Summer 2017 - Here now
« on: April 28, 2017, 05:32:31 pm »
And will be live on Tuesday....



The Atoll Dispatches declare, 'Let's do more in '44'!!
Far from the Atoll and far from the front lines the Papa embarks on his Victory Bond Drive.
Implored by the masses to produce a civilian cap for the home front, the Papa puts the corn in the can with the all new 'South Pacific'. A light weight natural back sateen cap, a manifest of the men of the battalion. Wear it with a swagger, go fish, go hike or in the words of Major Kong, "Shoot! A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas in this cap"
100% cotton sateen, Off White or Battalion Blue. Contrast Olive broadcloth anti-glare under visor, rugged HBT sweat band. Sizes Medium 57-58 and Large 59-60

The L-4 CAP.

The L-4 is born of the tropics and conceived on the Atoll. It's close crowned and generously visored and features a triumvirate of grommets arranged to keep your head while others are losing theirs.
It's a late 40's style that uses the Papa's blueprint of original aviation inspired caps and yet its comfortable whilst casting for Steelhead in swirling whitewater or rambling across the Salt Flats. It's rugged and handsome and nods towards civilian pursuits with its feather weight Japanese Chambray construction and anti glare under visor. Available this summer in washed Indigo with navy flip up and Natural seeded with taupe flip up.
Medium 57-58 and large 59-60

The Champion of Pauahi Street! A cap that shows no visible means of support.
A cap with as much presence as a “Belle-de-Nuit” but delivering far more than 3 minutes of heaven upstairs at the New Senator Hotel. Designed for forward base personnel on the drive from the Atoll’s shores to the horizons of the Orient, the Marauder cap is a new favourite in an arsenal of styles than packs more punch than a B-26! An iconic reworking of a B-1 aviators cap in a summer fine herringbone twill with a bodied visor done as only the Papa can.
Available in Honolulu Tan in sizes medium 57-58cm and large 59-60cm.

At Papa Nui we do more tests than Bikini Atoll and whilst we don't measure Isotopes and Gama Rays we do lots to ensure you get the best from your cap.
To custom size your cap,we follow these methods;
To stretch , cold water soak then place over knee to vigorously pull and rotate until desired sizing is achieved, normally 1-1.5cm.
To shrink, observe the Papa's pot cap soup method. Boil cap for 10 minutes, towel dry and check size, if extra shrinkage is desired place in hot clothes dryer. Maximum shrinkage is usually 1- 1.5cm.
These two tips will allow you to achieve extra sizing options outside of the medium and large size offering.
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