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Author Topic: Where does everyone live?  (Read 502571 times)

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Re: Where does everyone live?
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Hi guys!

I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia. Fell in love with Iron heart as soon as I tried on a pair of 21oz 634s, and have been wearing them every day since purchase. Just hit the 3 month mark, or 90 days, and finally seeing solid fades around the back pockets, crotch, whiskers, honeycombs, etc. These have become my favourite pants to wear; turned from stiff to super comfy within a couple of weeks.

My love for raw selvedge denim has drawn me to work at Dutil Denim, Vancouver's best denim specialty store! The selection of IH products at our store is fairly good, and receiving new shipments of IH always gets me stoked! Thinking about grabbing the 21oz modified type 3 jacket, a pair of SBG denim, and a few workshirts in the near future! Excited to be a part of this forum and community moving forward.

Will post pics of my 634 babies soon!

Also a quick question: I want to check out a couple of denim specialty stores in Los Angeles, since I am visiting for Christmas. Any stores that carry IH in Los Angeles?