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motojobobo's IH stuff
« on: May 05, 2018, 12:16:41 am »
I've been thinking about making this list for a while and finally got around to it. Decided to make a spreadsheet to make future updates more easily.

The thing about looking back is that some doubts creep up as one evaluates the buying decisions made over the last three years. I guess several of my purchases don't make much sense, so many jackets while living in a hot place. Many of my IH garments don't make full sense in warm climates but I can't seem to keep myself from getting the next one. I've gotten comfortable wearing heavy IH denim jeans, but I still struggle with the shirts.

I've successfully stopped myself after my first two UHFs but I can't seem to stop wanting the next jacket: green ventile, IH-SB leather work jacket Giles showed today...

I'm 6´2" and 195 pounds (circa 1.87 m and 90 kilos)

"IH list.jpg"

My "MOST USED" item?...the mug as it gets used twice a day every day. My two W&S glass cases are also used almost daily, and I guess my brown nubuck and natural Tochigi belts follow in frequency of use.

I haven't gotten many comments on my IH gear. I guess men don't normally comment on each other's clothes or appearance around here. It has to make quite a strong impression to elicit a voiced opinion. My Wild Ones engineer boots did get two or three admiring comments over the three years I've worn them. The IHxSE cafe racer jacket also received one or two positive remarks from my motorcycle friends.

Interestingly, the comments at home from my wife and daughter haven't been very positive. They generally tend to find it 'heavy and thick'; which makes sense in a 26 C ( 78 F) average temperature city. Their most disparaging blow was fired at my waffle shirts - 'they look like curtain o tablecloth material'!!  :D :D Unfortunately, they haven't swayed me yet.  8) 8)
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