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Author Topic: Aero Stockman, Black FQHH, 38" (Fits 40")  (Read 198 times)

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Aero Stockman, Black FQHH, 38" (Fits 40")
« on: June 15, 2019, 01:30:19 pm »
Aero Leather Stockman Jacket, Black Front Quarter Horsehide, 38" chest.  Made by Julie Leitch.  Stockmans are made large, so although I'm a 40", this was the correct size.  It depends on the amount of layering you'd have.  UK - £250; EU - £260; ROTW - £270.

Shoulders (straight across back midway between seams) - 18.25"
Chest (at bottom of arms seam) - 23.5"
Sleeve down outside curve - 25.0" (Now wrinkled, so minimal further shrinkage)
Sleeve (from under arm) - 16.75"
Back from base of collar - 29.25"
Hem - 23.0"

It's basically a car coat, so pretty much straight up and down.  No flattering v-shapes here.  There's very slight wear to the lining at the bottom of the right and left sides.  It's so small I never even noticed at first, and you might not either, but better to be 100% clear.