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Author Topic: Two Ears Brand - Marvel Selvedge Bandana  (Read 720 times)

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Two Ears Brand - Marvel Selvedge Bandana
« on: August 28, 2019, 11:17:45 am »
Two Ears Brand Marvel Selvedge Bandana

Hand-printed two-sided selvedge cotton bandanas made in Japan.

Bringing back the best bandanas from 100 years ago. The Two Ears Brand is inspired by designs from the golden era of bandanas, combining modern technology with a historical base to recreate classic bandanas.

The squared paisley design, mixed with delicate line drawings of leaves and line-filling was a common feature of US and UK bandanas around the 1880s. And this "Marvel" bandana is a replica design taken from a factory sample that never made production. So good, in fact, they had to be tagged and separated from the original. These reproductions are almost exact.

Available in Red and Blue. Hand-printed in Japan

*Box not included

USD 65

"Two Ear Brand Bandanna-.jpg"

"Two Ear Brand Bandanna--2.jpg"

"Two Ear Brand Bandanna--3.jpg"

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Re: Two Ears Brand Marvel Selvedge Bandana
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