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Author Topic: IHB-08 - Heavy Duty "Tochigi" Leather Belt with Nickel Plated Garrison Buckle  (Read 7353 times)

Online neph93

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For the tochigi belts, what would be the recco for someone like me wearing pants with a 35.5IN waist? I'm on the tail end of a large and the front end of an XL (I also have problem finding japanese pants too...but I digress...)

I'm about there. I would recommend going XL and cutting it as per the numerous videos's and instructions on the relevant threads.

You'll be able to wear the L but may find it annoying only being able to use the first two holes.

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Yup what he said. Go larger and trim it down

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Isn't there a "pimp my belt" option where I can have you guys do it for me? ;)