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Author Topic: OGL-BELT-DPGAR-BLK - OGL Double Prong Garrison Buckle Leather Belt  (Read 1139 times)

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OGL Double Prong Garrison Buckle Leather Belt - Hand-Dyed Black

Black hand-dyed leather belt with ellipse punch holes and solid brass garrison buckle with single prong. Handmade by our good friends Obbi Good Label in Singapore. Constructed with 12oz full-grain cowhide leather which will age naturally with unique characteristics


"Hand-Dyed Black-25216.jpg"
"Hand-Dyed Black-25219.jpg"
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If you have been following our OGL Story thread in this forum, you should read that we started focusing on belt productions a few years back and this is the belt that has been our most popular ever since.

The hand-dye process is done in-house onto a whole cowhide before we cut them into blanks. A lot of furnishing work needs to be done even before cutting. I can tell you that we spent years trying to perfect this hand-dyeing finishing.

In 2019, we finally managed to find the 'magical' mixture and techniques for a superior finishing.

Please enjoy!