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Author Topic: Hall of Fades - The Iron Heart Denim Archives  (Read 2968 times)

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Hall of Fades - The Iron Heart Denim Archives
« on: June 03, 2020, 10:48:43 am »


We appreciate the effort that goes into fading a pair of our jeans.

It takes time. Dedication. And a whole lot of love.

If you have a pair of Iron Heart jeans that have been well-loved and have faded beautifully, you can submit them for review using the form on this page.

Once submitted we take a look and pick out models we feel are faded enough and denim that we still sell.

Why? Because we want to take them on their next journey.

All are photographed in the same manner and digitally homed in our HALL OF FADES. Some then are sent to our retailer showrooms and others we keep to show at IHUK events and at our global showrooms.

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