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Trophy Clothing - Harvest Shirt - Indigo
« on: September 10, 2020, 02:45:22 pm »
Trophy Clothing - Harvest Shirt - Indigo

The Harvest Work Shirt is a Trophy Clothing classic, it was released as part of their very first collection and has remained a core product season after season. The Chambray fabric is slowly woven in Okayama on an old-fashioned power loom, creating a unique warmth and feel to the fabric that no modern machine could ever achieve. The process of weaving the fabric is a slow process with only one run of the fabric able to be produced per day by this unique machine.

Based on a 1950’s work shirt, the width of the body and shoulders have been cut to a contemporary silhouette allowing it to be worn tucked-in or out. Twin needle construction throughout ensures durability which has been reinforced with chainstitched yokes. Finished with engraved buttons and chest pocket flaps, one of which has a modified pen feed.



"TR-SH02 - Harvest Shirt - Indigo-7493.jpg"

"TR-SH02 - Harvest Shirt - Indigo-7497.jpg"
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Re: Trophy Clothing - Harvest Shirt - Indigo
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