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Author Topic: IHSW-41 - 12oz Heavyweight Loopwheel Fleece Lined Zip Up Hoodie - Marl Grey or M  (Read 4224 times)

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Future iterations are being made with a longer body than the current ones. This makes sense for IH as most people want them that way. I like the current ones better, but accept that I’m in the minority.

I somehow missed the discussion about the new fit.  Will the hood shape also be changed?  If I wear the hood on the current model it pulls up the shoulders a lot.

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I size up to (L) to get a bigger hood. Not ideal for you obviously. But the bigger hoods are definitely nice and comfy
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No, not on the hoodies....
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Be afraid, very afraid.  In FW21, we are releasing 18 versions of 14oz sweats.....
This is fantastic news! Looking forward to the fall

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I’m six foot but have long top half and short legs. The long hoodies accentuate that while the shirt ones mitigate it visually. I also dig that they work better under type III’s and vests, and the late 70’s/early 80’s vibe that shorter tops have.
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