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Author Topic: Iron Heart item codes (and how to find out the code of your Iron Heart product).  (Read 552 times)

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Every IH product made has a two or three part lot number/item code (Lot Number) that is individual to that product. The protocols for generating these codes has varied down the years and is inconsistent at times, but follows some general rules. Check out this thread for a recent discussion on the subject: https://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=15739.0

The first part of an item code always starts with «IH» and may have up to four letters in total. These refer to product lines (IHSH for shirts, IHV for vests, etc).

The second part is a number (up to three digits). The function of the number varies. With jeans it refers to the cut. With shirts, most jackets, vests etc, it is a chronological number (the lower the number, the older the item).

More recently a final three letter suffix forms the final part of the code and refers to colour, for example the IHM-27-OLV is the 27th Iron Heart military style jacket (in this case an M65), in olive. The black version has the same two parts but with the suffix «BLK».

These codes are useful for identification, differentiation and reference, for a brand with many product lines, seasonal collections and small batch releases, not least on the aftermarket.

If you have an Iron Heart product and would like to know the item code then the product pages and «Extinct» section on the webstore, combined with the webstore search function, should answer your question. For example a search for «indigo chambray shirt» gives a result of 50 current and extinct items, which narrows the search down to a manageable number:


Should identifying the product still be difficult then asking the forum may be the solution. Many people on the forum have an excellent knowledge of IH products. Post pics and a description here and see what turns up!

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