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Author Topic: F/S IHSH-211 17OZ Brown Duck CPO…XXL *SOLD*  (Read 304 times)

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F/S IHSH-211 17OZ Brown Duck CPO…XXL *SOLD*
« on: December 29, 2021, 10:50:12 pm »
Got this shirt when it originally came out,and wore it occasionally,but not much in the subsequent years. It’s in really great condition,just waiting to be worn. Measurements are as follows.  Sleeve=26.4 PtP=23 Shoulder=19.5 Waist=22 Opening=21.5 Length=30.5 Cuff=5.0 It’s a tag size XXL,it’s Extinct,and not likely to be remade any time soon. If you’ve always wanted one,for $275 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US. I’m always happy to double check any measurement you’re not sure about,or supply more detailed images.    "A530E2B3-FAEF-44E7-ACD6-682E3C8F6DA4.jpeg""3487116E-D9ED-4ED8-8BB6-71F0E1B9864E.jpeg"
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Re: F/S IHSH-211 17OZ Brown Duck CPO…XXL
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