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Author Topic: Let's Talk About Moccasins (Rancourt, Quoddy, NEOC, Highland, Russell, et al)  (Read 6827 times)

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@cander49 For a runner, that's some pretty gnarly heel wear!   :D  :P

I've owned a few pairs of Quoddys, and, even though I've never experienced the same issues as you, all of my pairs had some "quirks."  I'd be frustrated by their "fix," too.  That price for resoling is robbery.

I picked up a pair of Rancourt Harrison boots in kudu last year, and they've been my go-to casual boot.  They feel like running shoes, with the EVA wedge midsole.  Resoling should be a snap, too, since the sole is glued to the leather midsole; peel off the old sole, glue on a new one.