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Author Topic: Guns.  (Read 23917 times)

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Re: Guns.
« Reply #135 on: November 14, 2018, 12:58:58 am »
Heh, not much out here that requires that kind of stopping power unless you get sideways with a moose or (somehow) an elk. Then you'd have some explaining to do to Ranger Rick. I guess if you managed to piss off a black bear it would be a good caliber, but that's hard to do in my experience.

If we had brown bears, I'd probably want still more stopping power. I recall having read a story about a grizzly charging a man and being taken down by one of those snubnose S&W .500 revolvers actually marketed for that purpose (maybe in one shot?). I'd hate to try that with anything less than a .44 mag.

The odds of encountering a person meaning to do you harm in the CO wilderness are long, but if you did run into someone like that, chances are they are completely nuts and you might want to get the drop on him (hence discretion).
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Re: Guns.
« Reply #136 on: June 25, 2019, 06:49:37 pm »

Been using the Hill People Gear Runners Kit bag for a little while now. It's pretty comfortable, but now that summer is here you can definitely feel the extra layers of fabric sitting on your chest preventing ventilation. Still, it's the best way for me to carry for two legged threats while running. A little slower on the draw than my usual appendix carry though.
If I were concerned with four legged threats I'd open carry. I've heard too many stories from my friends that live in rural areas to slow down my draw.

The other thing I got a month ago and am completely in love with is my Dene Adams Phantom 360 belly band. I shoved an old appendix holster I wasn't using anymore because I found a new holster I prefer as well as a Blueforcegear double pistol mag pouch on a Raven Concealment Pocket Shield. Everything is held in the belly band with industrial velcro. I use this holster when I'm wearing pants with no belt, like gym shorts while walking the dogs. Its amazing.
My regular holster has been a Tenicor Velo for the last six or seven months, it's fantastic. Two extra mags carried on belt with a couple Snake Eater Tactical IWB pouches.
How has that Blackhawk holster been working for you?
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Re: Guns.
« Reply #137 on: June 29, 2019, 10:57:47 pm »
@DougNg I might have to look into one of those.... the Blackhawk holster is solidly ok, however this is no padding between the gun and my chest and it definitely digs in and gets uncomfortable after awhile. Pretty floppy for running, so I’ve been using it for hiking only. Can open carry here, so that’s ok.
Adjustment is a pain, as you really need to take it completely off to change anything. I’m often wearing it with either a Salomon vest or UD backpack, so also the question of over or under. Not as much of an issue now, but most of the year I have to remove/add clothing, which can change how it sits, and then I need to ageist the fit.
So I guess I’m using it and it works, but not as intended. I’ll probably look for and OWB option for hiking, but also not a fan of wearing a belt! Gun itself is a lot of fun. Big booms- makes going back to a 9mm feel like a 22!
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